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  1. Wow! Tim, you do Amazing work. That jungle piece really blew me away. So realistic. Glad you've got That Gift! The Bad Planet advances also look fabulous. Keep up the great work!!!!
  2. Ex-Machina is a sequel to the 2004 Appleseed movie. There is an older movie version of Appleseed (which I haven't seen), so I am unsure if it has any relation to the last pair, but, if you've seen the 2004 movie, Ex Machina continues that flow but branches out a bit towards a new and very interesting story arc. Highly entertaining in either case. It's why I recommended it here for all you guys. I absolutely love those latest Appleseed movies.
  3. I agree that The Bat would have the upper hand. I love both characters actually as I'm sure most others do as well. But, if asked who would win between the two, Batman is a detective, he uses not only his physical skills, but his amazing intellect. He's taken on Superman before and even The Hulk, with proper use of knowledge. So, I'm sure that would be the case again. But, to be quite honest, these two guys in the end, will link up towards a common goal, where despite any differences would make one helluva team to resolve the issue confronted. Wits and brawn blended together.
  4. Thanks for sharing this! Quite an interesting and enjoyable read.
  5. Hey guys and gals!!! Gunplanet inquired about my DARION comic book story, so I'm sharing for those who don't know as well. DARION is a sci-fi adventure. It's about my superhero, but not like the normal ones in tights who wanna serve justice and fight crime every night. It's in a way, like a movie in comic book form, my little dream project. I had never done anything like it before and I am not in the comic book business, so Darion is the result of my own perseverance and love for movies and comics. I hope you check it out and give me your crude and honest opinion, but more than anyt
  6. Thanks a lot Mr. Bradstreet for the link! Will do!
  7. Dear Tim, Thank you for being open and honets with all of us. With truth and honesty, anything and everything can be understood and resolved. Tom has our full support, ensure he knows that. We share his loss and let our strenght, be your strenghts always.
  8. Kwiat_skye, just by sharing it is of help, so I truly thank you for it.
  9. Greetings everyone! Has any of you watched the new Anime movie Appleseed: Ex Machina???? To be quite honest and in my humble opinion, as far as animated movies go, character desing, architecture and plot, this is truly the finest piece of animation I've ever come across. Two giant thumbs up for this one. Check it out and share your opinion on it. It's an impressive anime production and for those who know nothing about it, after reading this message, go chek it out. It's truly one thrill ride. Hope you like it even more than I did. Enjoy!
  10. You truly have been of immense help. Most appreciated. No wonder we couldn't find them. I'm heading there this weekend and will get back to you soon! We were searching for RAW as an independent label, so I'll give it another shot. From my side of the monitor to yours, peace always Orion!
  11. I'm from San Juan and got to see some of the shootings as I went to Old San Juan to have some nigh-life fun as I do sometimes. But, I haven't seen the movie. Gonna rent it soon and give you my opinion of it. This year I did not attend the San Sebastian Festival, was down with the flu.
  12. Cover for Bad Planet #4 is freacking awesome!!!!
  13. Darn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've yet to obtain a copy of any of these Bad Planet comics. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
  14. Hehehehehe... So do we all Katt! Feed on positiveness always and do pass it on!
  15. Thanks man! I actually went to the local comic book store and with the store staff went through the Diamond PREVIEWS catalogue, but we couldn't find teh RAW comics anywhere and they had not even heard of RAW at all, so they don't carry them at the store. I'm trying to find them through any other means. I sent Mr. Bradstreet a message asking if I can acquire them through RAW directly. I'll let you know. Have you received your copies? When you do, let me know what you think. Thanks for being there Orion.
  16. Thanks for sharing that with is AllyKat! Great work! Tiara, you're absloutely right. Kid Rock ressemblance is right on!
  17. Hey! Glad to be here. Welcome to my world too! Thanks a lot for voicing out. First of all, and for the record since I get this all the time and it is a misunderstanding, I am not the artist. I don't draw at all or paint. I read a comic book once, enjoyed it and started reading more and more as hobby. I live in NY a while in my teens, then moved back home, joined the ARMY, returned home and found that there were no local superheroes at that time. So, being a fan of Jim Lee's pencils, I wanted to do my own more or less like that "Top Cow", Jim Leesque style. I set out to it in 1992 a
  18. Hi Mr Bradstreet... ...and everyone else who stumble upon these words. I've posted this in other threads along this forum, but, not many have actually come across them, so, I'm sharing it here, just for an honest opinion and let you know what I'm attempting and dreaming for. I am the creator and writer of my own comic, DARION. I'm hoping that I can translate the storyline into a screenplay and make it into a film. I don't know if that will ever be, but, as creator, I did it for the love of comics and I'm here primarily to share it. A story is created and it lives if people
  19. Dear Orion, I went to the comic book store and in the latest issue of previews, there was NO Raw comics listed. I don't know if the version we receive down here doesn't have them, but could you find out what issue you ordered from so I can get mine? I'll appreciate it.
  20. Welcome Peter! Good luck with all your projects!
  21. Hiya Raff, Thanks again for sharing. I've been learning how to use and navigate the forums. I posted some art on the show your stuff section yesterday. Check it out and let me know what you think. Of course as well, share about anything else. Have a great weekend.
  22. Images from my DARION comic book, issue 01. I am NOT the artist. I created it and wrote it. Just in case.
  23. Jim Lee has been my favorite penciller for years. His artwork inspired me to do my own comic and there are many talented artist out there who blow me away, but when I saw Mr. Lee's work years back, I was amazed and it did change me. When a friend showe me his X-Men works, I whom had never followed X-Men comcis, began collecting from that moment on. Wish the guy well always on what he does. To all who venture into comics, which I found it's harder work than it seems, my best wishes.
  24. Orion, Thanks for the tip. Will do the same.
  25. Greetings guys! There are only two known comic books stores that I know of down here in Puerto Rico. I'm stopping by this afternoon to see if I can find there RAW's comics. In case they don't have any, can I acquire any of them by mail directly from you???? I'll inform if I was successful here, but in just in case, be prepared and have alternate means in advance wouldn't harm. I asked several friends here about Bad Planet and no one knew and they are more active comic collectors. It's why I'm inquiring. Thank you very much!
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