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  1. I wish they had waited till this movie to focus so much on wolverine though. The first 2 xmen movies spent way too much time on just his character. They also wasted Sabretooth and Lady Deathstrike. Sabretooth should have been saved for the Wolverine movie where they could do him right, instead of virtually lobotimising him and making him a slow moving thug. Having Deadpool and Silver Fox gives me alot of hope though. Especially if Reynolds is on the ticket. Danny Houston is a good pick, had no clue that was him in 30 days but his performance was absolutely menacing. The only problem is having
  2. Methamphetamine and Death Valley are both off of Bubblegum and the others are all from The Winding Sheet. But those aren't his only good songs by any means, just a few to check out. As for his collaborative efforts you can find a full list on his Wikipedia entry. I haven't checked out the Soul Savers or most of the others. I found him through his work with QotSA.
  3. It's not a current infatuation, but Mark Lanegan's solo work is amazing. He was the lead singer of the Screaming Trees, one of the Seattle grunge bands that never made it big. The lyrics are amazing and the music feels like a bad night in a dark room. "Ugly Sunday", "Methamphetamine Blues", "Woe", "Driving Death Valley",and "Down in the Dark" are some of the standouts with Kurt Cobain providing backup vocals on the last one.
  4. You could also hear Josh Brolin laughing at them in the background, so you know it was definately a personality thing. I also liked Josh's apology to Nicholson about his horrible impression.
  5. Great show, been watching each episode...unfortunately I somehow managed to miss the last episode. I realized it 1/2 way through the midnight showing and now I'm mad at myself. Don't remember if they will show it before next weeks episode or not. I sure hope so, cuz i don't want to come in having missed something but I couldn't stand to have to wait for the season release. Wish I could say you were great, but I will have to wait till I actually see it. Oh screw it. Great job last night man!
  6. With post production still going on this is probably an early question. But I was wondering what distribution is going to be like. These forums are the first i've heard of the film (i'm not much of an online presence) and around here smaller movies tend to come and go without ever gracing our theaters. I'm also not aware of whether a theater would have to have any special considerations made for a 3-D film.
  7. Okay, this is a reeeeaally late answer but I just joined the forums yesterday. I don't know what the one about giant spiders would have been (though I don't think he was in Eight Legged Freaks). But he did play a sheriff in a more recent film adaptation of Stephen King's Desperation. Granted the character is nowhere near a normal person. Anyway, that's that.
  8. Tim, i may be seeing things here, but did you use Tom Jane as your Nick Fury model for the Punisher cover? Becuase that sure as hell isn't Hasselhoff (and a big thank you for not using him). Also, I am dreading you and Garth leaving the book. I never read Punisher as a kid but after I picked comics up again a couple years ago I've been reading the MAX series along with older trades of the Knights run religiously. Unfortunatelly there are several trades I cannot get through the comics distributors here, but I have every one I could find. I couldn't stand the new War Journal interpretation
  9. I realize this might be sacriligous here but I didn't like the Punisher film. That said I do like Jane as Frank. Once the character finally goes down the chosen path his voice and presence have the right tone of blunt menace. He isn't just angry, he has a purpose. Jane gave that to us. Physically he's a great pick. Not perfect but I don't know of an actor that would be. Which is strange since Frank's basic appearance is one of the most simplistic of all the comic lead characters. Maybe that's the problem. But I'm rambling. The story was boring. It took a handful of elements from Ennis' Welc
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