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  1. Damn Norrisites... look up the Bill Brasky skits on SNL from 1996-1998. And if you appreciate The Octagon check out Gymkata
  2. TL: I figured I'd post my response from the GI JOE thread in here since it's where it belongs. I responded to what you said because his "typical" opinion about the movie mirrored my own and I felt it should be defended. The quote from Jane didn't say anything I disagreed with or contradict anything I have said except for how I felt about the film itself.
  3. As for the pics of the G.I. Joe cast. I liked the Snake Eyes costume (especially the helmet) until I realized that he's wearing a latex body suit designed to look like real skin. Why would he need that? Just put him in the full-body armor. Sans mouth definately. And I think what TB was meaning about Quaid looking stiff was that he looks like someone put him in a goofy halloween costume and told him to "look cool" for some pictures. He looks like he doesn't feel right posing for it. The rest wouldn't be too bad if they didn't look so new. So I'm hoping that for the film they age the wardrobe an
  4. Eagles of Death Metal: Whorehoppin', Poor Doggie, I Only Want You, Flames Go Higher, Stuck in The Metal.
  5. Well I picked up #5 today, so I'll post my thoughts on what I've seen. One thing that struck me in my first read-through was page five frame 3. The convict almost looks anguished there, but it's not contextually appropriate. Perfect picture of emotion though. The rest of the issue (and the others before it) he keeps a straight edged composure. The way the convict carries himself and interacts makes me think of Clint Eastwood's Stranger if he landed on another world. Very much a sci-fi cowboy. Good use of the Australian to represent the "every man" of Earth. Not dumb, but obviously not as
  6. I agree with TB that he hasn't crossed over to a real sociopath. If he was then innocents wouldn't be a concern. A sociopath is compltetely self-centered. Frank has to be disconnected in order to fulfill his work. But that doesn't make him psychotic. He even sees his own evil in a sense. Fully aware that he is on the verge of completely snapping. The dreams he has show that. I'm marking Ennis's work here of course, but that is the most human Frank I have seen to date. Mentioning the skull on his shirt in the cover you posted; I have a Skull T-Shirt that is more prominent than the one that
  7. The Mist is one of the few King adaptations I've seen without reading the book. One thing that King does in all his horror stories that carried over very well was focusing on the human element. The realism and prismatic response of all the characters. What I liked most in Jane's character was his obvious disinterest in taking charge. He only became a leader when it was obvious no one else was capable, and to protect his son. In most horror films there is an immediate "alpha" character that takes control and leads throughout the story. While we all knew it would be Jane because of the initial f
  8. TL: I am not offended by the idea of him making a statement. If that is how it came across then let me clarify. If he decides to make a statement then fine. But the idea that not making a statement is somehow letting down his fans is what bothers me. It's the expectation that he owes an explanation to the public, especially at this early stage of the litigation. When I said he shouldn't make one I was speaking on a legal standpoint. It would probably be a bad idea. Neither of the instances you mentioned involved ongoing legal matters. The consequences were PR, not legal. Were either Mick
  9. Honestly, pleading not guilty is also used to buy time to figure things out. It doesn't mean you won't change the plea later, but extends the trial to allow the lawyer to work things out between his client and the D.A. Pleading guilty is a game over. If they want to talk things over, make a deal to avoid jail time in exchange for community service, pleading not guilty (especially in a crowded court system) is the best way to make sure you have time to do that. So he is pleading not guilty to all charges, doesn't mean he isn't guilty of one or some of them. Doesn't mean he is. Maybe his license
  10. Not intending to start up the conversation again, just responding to the last post. Tom Jane shouldn't post anything about the case on here, and most likely won't, because it is an ongoing matter. His lawyer and any lawyer would tell him not to talk about it, especially on a world-wide medium.
  11. That's one point I was hoping someone would make. Whether Jane should or should not "stand up for himself" on here is really a pointless argument. He has made his presence here very small to begin with, something I doubt any of us are unaware of. He's obviously busy with the film, his wife, and legal issues I'm sure you are familiar with. When you are under litigation the first thing a lawyer tells you is to NOT TALK ABOUT IT. As far as "starstruck" officers ignoring his suspended license; I drove with an expired license for a year, was pulled over several times for speeding as well as ju
  12. Antonio, I was wondering if you ever had any luck getting the issues of Bad Planet.
  13. I don't expect them to transplant the comics to the movies exactly, never have. But I can always hope for a little better treatment of the characters. In some ways it's like getting a new writer for the comics themselves. They have their own ideas for how things should be done and that doesn't always end up very well. Something I wouldn't mind seeing (not anytime soon though I'm sure) is comics brought to the screen in the way Preacher is (was?) going to be done. 1 hour per issue, then for the big crossover storylines lead each series up into a film that handles the climax of the story.
  14. But that's just the thing, the Blob has no place in the Mutant Massacre and Beak had nothing to do with Weapon X. That's what I meant by random, characters that have no reason to be in the story they are in when there are plenty of other characters that do. I understand why Stryker was in the second film, they were using elements from God Loves Man Kills. But he didn't need to be involved in the Weapon X program, that was just so they could continue to make Wolverine the focus of the movie, which should have been saved for this upcoming one. I'm glad Sabretooth will be throughout the fil
  15. Looking at the characters on the cast list...The Blob? Beak? It really doesn't need random characters they couldn't fit into the first 3 movies. Beak is pointless no matter how you look at it and the Blob shoud have been in the first X-Men film. not the spin-off. Happy about Schreiber as Creed and Reynolds as Deadpool though. As long as they finally do Sabretooth justice and give Reynolds some decent dialogue to work with. It would be kinda cool to let him break the 4th wall in his chatter.
  16. The first part of my post was just to make a point about another conversation. My main concern is in the final look, feel, and sound of the character. Someone mentioned Dolph Lundgren as a possibility back in the '90s and that would have been horrible. Nathan is a witty guy, Cap isn't. And like I said, I could see him as Steve Rogers pre-serum, but until I see the final look I just can't picture him in the Stars & Stripes. And I think I might be the only person who didn't like Jackman as Wolverine. Not because of his nationality, I couldn't care less. But because his size changed the
  17. Mad Max has to be an Aussie but Cap can be Canadian? I like Nathan, hell Mal is my favorite Firefly character hands down. I could see him as Steve Rogers, but as Cap? It is a difficult part to cast no matter what, granted. Even the suit they choose is going to be a hard thing to work out. Like I said, I like the guy, but in another role. Who should be Cap? No clue, it's damn hard to picture anyone. And of course I would see the movie. But I would rather an American, with a different facial structure, do the role. And yes, please take into conisderation that I'm known for ripping apart even my
  18. Do you have a dream role? An existing character in any medium you want to play more than any other? Also if you had to choose: Beer or Whiskey, and what kind?
  19. Just a couple of comments on comments. On fake Irish accents: Norman Reedus does a horrible job in Boondock Saints. And so does anyone doing radio or t.v. commercials. That last just plain pisses me off. On Mad Max and Australian Actors: The interesting thing here is that Mel Gibson was actually born in the states and lived here for a few years before his family moved to Australia. So really the argument for an Australian Mad Max would be on shaky legs.
  20. When I first heard of the remake it was an interviewer asking Russel about it and how he felt about Butler taking the role. He said he didn't mind the guy himself, but felt that Snake always personified the best and worst of America. So to have a non-american play the role just didn't feel right. I definately agree. And having Jane in the role would fulfill that criteria as well as having the right look, voice, and basic attitude. Another random quote from Russel in that interview I liked. *The caterer on set was out of burgers and only had veggie burgers. When asked why he wouldn'
  21. I hadn't heard anything about it yet, but I don't spend alot of time on here so that's probably why. I've never understood the need to spend so much time on people's personal lives anyway. But I guess the media will have it's pound of flesh no matter what you do. As for the incident itself, I can easily see how he could have been driving erratically whether drunk or not. I lost a close family friend and accidentally ran through a cattle gate dead sober the night I found out. Not much I can say to either of you really except do what you need to in order to grieve. Oh and if it helps
  22. Okay, I don't know why I didn't think of this before, but I just realized it. The comics are under the Image comics label. The same way a game developer makes the game and has it produced by another company. Both the Image and RAW logos are on the comics. So, try having them look through the Image selection. I noticed this when I got my issues but had already responded to your other post. As for the comics themselves, I've enjoyed them. I won't say too much on why, no spoilers here. But I will tell you that the 3rd issue is in 3D. The glasses come in the issue so get them out first.
  23. This is just personal speculation, but looking at the story (especially the first 2 issues) it seems that there isn't any single main character. So that form of narration is out. Also the whole story seems to be presented from a cinematic point of view (which makes sense with Tom Jane), and it is rare in movies to have a non-character narrator although not unheard of. And even though the 4th narrative is commonly used in comics I don't think it would really fit here. Of course it could just be my personal enjoyment of stories that I'm thrown into. I really like the feel of observing a moment i
  24. Sorry it's taken so long to reply, I haven't been on the boards for a few days. As for how I ordered Bad Planet; The comic shop I go to uses the online catalog through their distributor. Not sure of the full name of the company but they just call it Diamond. Don't know if that helps at all. You might also check it out online yourself. In case you can order it directly.
  25. Well, if those comic shops use Diamond distributors you can at least order Bad Planet #'s 1-4 from them. That's what I did at my usual place yesterday.
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