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  1. TL: I figured I'd post my response from the GI JOE thread in here since it's where it belongs. I responded to what you said because his "typical" opinion about the movie mirrored my own and I felt it should be defended. The quote from Jane didn't say anything I disagreed with or contradict anything I have said except for how I felt about the film itself.
  2. I agree with TB that he hasn't crossed over to a real sociopath. If he was then innocents wouldn't be a concern. A sociopath is compltetely self-centered. Frank has to be disconnected in order to fulfill his work. But that doesn't make him psychotic. He even sees his own evil in a sense. Fully aware that he is on the verge of completely snapping. The dreams he has show that. I'm marking Ennis's work here of course, but that is the most human Frank I have seen to date. Mentioning the skull on his shirt in the cover you posted; I have a Skull T-Shirt that is more prominent than the one that
  3. Do you have a dream role? An existing character in any medium you want to play more than any other? Also if you had to choose: Beer or Whiskey, and what kind?
  4. Okay, this is a reeeeaally late answer but I just joined the forums yesterday. I don't know what the one about giant spiders would have been (though I don't think he was in Eight Legged Freaks). But he did play a sheriff in a more recent film adaptation of Stephen King's Desperation. Granted the character is nowhere near a normal person. Anyway, that's that.
  5. I realize this might be sacriligous here but I didn't like the Punisher film. That said I do like Jane as Frank. Once the character finally goes down the chosen path his voice and presence have the right tone of blunt menace. He isn't just angry, he has a purpose. Jane gave that to us. Physically he's a great pick. Not perfect but I don't know of an actor that would be. Which is strange since Frank's basic appearance is one of the most simplistic of all the comic lead characters. Maybe that's the problem. But I'm rambling. The story was boring. It took a handful of elements from Ennis' Welc
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