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    Rollerblading, cooking, reading A LOT of comic books, writing and watching the Iron Chef Japan and Iron Chef America. I do some modeling from time to time, but I really want to get more into photography. I love taking pictures and traveling.<br /><br />I love Thomas Jane and enjoy his movies. He is such a cool actor and gives his all. I respect him a great deal.

About Me

A good way to start this off is by saying I love life and I definitely love movies! Especially black and white movies. I love creativity in a person; I hate meeting the same type of people day in and day out. It gets really boring after a while. Born and raised in New York City and damn proud of that fact. Coming from NYC teaches you early, believe me, on how to handle this thing called life. New Yorkers don't mean to have an attitude because we really don't. We just want to know what you want...LOL...had to remove some stuff on this 'About Me' page, because it was taking too long to load. Uploaded them to Facebook, which is awesome!


I LOVE THOMAS JANE! He is such an amazing actor and so talented. I knew early he was destined for fame and he has not disappointed me yet.


I lived in California for a while, Montana, Arizona, and Florida. I have lived overseas as well. I was trying to find myself and was always moving around to figure things out. Now I am back home, where I belong. They say you can't go home, but you can. Been through the modeling and music video industry and definitely not impressed but thankful I have some good sense to just make the money and have a life.


I currently write for American Chronicle and I travel in the television and movie circles. Interesting business, this thing called show. I also have my own cable show "The Whole Nine", which appears on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network. It is a public access show and unfortunately, you never know what time you are appearing until 30 minutes before so thank goodness for email. What has been really nice is that I am getting a lot of coverage now and some celebs have appeared, which is really nice.

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