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  1. good news. I'm so happy that MBV3D did so well. really showed everybody how well a 3d genre film can work and the huge potential. this can only be good news for dark country. and as for it screening at scifi london fest......fuck yeah. in my backyard! I hope that works out with the post schedule.


    I'm coming in late on this topic but reading up...it sure looks like a great film! I can't wait to check it out! I'd like to think I will work with you guys some day soon. God willing... I'm an actor/producer and of course a fan.



    Robert Gordon Spencer

  2. Hey, I just had to add myself to this chat. I am very excited to see the results of our work. The Collaborative Film Environment really worked! I feel confident that when you see this film and before that....a trailer....You will want more! The talent on this film was amazing! I am very proud of everyone and look forward to the next film we do together.



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