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  1. I had put a preorder on Archetype where I work (I work at a Barnes & Noble). Their bookmaster system had a release date of June 25th, so I did this in early June. When the book didn't arrive at the B&N warehouses, they canceled my order and have marked the book as "Search Our Dealer Network" which basicaly means, as far as we're concerned, this book is out of print... go elsewhere to get it. So don't go to B&N or Borders to get this book! I guess that just means I'll get it from Tim or Desperado. Either way... I really cannot wait to get this book. I'm freaking excited about i
  2. I don't mind not having Tom Jane anymore in the movie... nor do I mind not having the director back.... what I do mind is the violence. I'm not that strong when it comes to gore. Sure, I can see it in a MAX comic, but it's a comic. It' MUCH more different then seeing that live and on a giant ass screen. I can't deal with that. And I sure as hell would not want to go into a theatre and be surprised by all that violence to a point where I pass out. I'd love to see this movie do well. I love Frank, and I love Punisher. But you exclude a big amount of people with gore.... like me!
  3. Is it just me, or did that Comic Con footage just disgust you too? I was excited for this movie to come out..... finally new Punisher, finally a comic villain..... but Jebus! What's with all the head explosions and the face break-ins? As my girlfriend pointed out, it just looked excessive. This is exactly the kind of stuff I can't deal with on the big screen. It was grotesque. I think I can easily say now, that I won't be seeing this movie. It's one thing to see art and comics of violence, but once it gets visualized onto the big screen like that, and all the blood squirting out, then I c
  4. To think, I can post a piece of art I did and have Tim see it... that's so awesome. I did this in a 'Bradstreet style.' I find it fun to do actually. I'm preparing for a Texas Horror film conventon by drawing portraits of the actors I want to meet in that Bradstreet style as well.... they're of the original cast of Night of the Living Dead. Right now I'm a college student... about to graduate in a Graphic Design program. My dream is to do something with comics. I hope Tim likes this one though!
  5. Coolness! I had just recently found out that there was that book long ago. I'm planning to get it on Amazon.com I just stumpled across this forum today. I was searching online for some sort of master checklist type thing for everything done by Bradstreet.... so I've been making one of my own. Because I want it all! I love it so much, the detail and all. I had the honor of getting to meet Mr. Bradstreet at a Dallas Comic-Con this January. He is a great guy.
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