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  1. Got some concept work for you. He may look a bit cuddly... but he's not.. You'll see soon enough what I'm on about.
  2. Long time no post but here's an update on the comic I'm putting together. Great inks over brilliant pencils = Happy Me. Now my hunt for a colours guru begins. Barri
  3. Me and the wife LOVE Wolverine, our 1st son is called Logan for pete's sake. So I went into the film wanting so much to love it. I was dissapointed... but I still liked it. What they did well they did VERY well and all the characters crammed in changes and so on, though a downer, don't detract from the fact that Wolvie got to Kick ass. On the big screen! Now here's my take on it. Wade Wilson was Ace..... Deadpool was cack! (that's rubbish in BRIT ) Gambit looked the part but what was up with the accent... sometimes you could tell he was trying.. other times he just didn't seem
  4. I'm posting this in various places trying to get a broad spectrum of opinions before I polish it up and send it to Tharg and 2000AD. Let me know if you think the twist is obvious (well it is because you're privy to info the reader wouldn't be... but well; you know... does the idea hid ehte twist well enough?) Invasion of the Planet Killers!!! Written By Barri Lang Synopsis The human race has destroyed the Earth. Bled it dry of every natural resource and dug so deep for more, that the planet has cracked and cooled. A new home is needed. Looking out into space a suitabl
  5. If only there was a maverick rogue writer out there who could combine your Marshal Tyme with... I dunno, Space Monkeys! The day I see radical thinking like that is the day I see them film the un-filmable Watchmen! Looking good Marc. Brett's work, as always, kicks ass and the covers pretty funky too.
  6. He was cool in Boomtown too. That was a GREAT series, maybe the fact that Street Fighter WILL suck ass is gonna hinder him... I'm a HUGE Filton fan... that being said being a filton fan I hope he doesn't play Cap.. without wanting to become hated by eveyone here.. Cap is Ruuuuuuuuuubish! :-p Cap and Superman.. too perfect to be interesting and or engaging in my (usually totally wron) opinion. WHO should filton play..... Mal Reynolds for the rest of his life.. When my lottery win comes in I'll have the whole team back together to act out Firefly scripts I will write. :-P He'd be
  7. "Can't a guy just sneak around quietly in the shadows of the internet any more these days?" If you wanna sneak Nick then use a different name... I had the same problems when the internet started up so I've started going under the name "Clubber-Lang" (from the Rocky films... WOW what a movie) Anyway keep it on the low down but my real name is natS eeL (I wrote it backwards so the damn internet search engines won't find it) I just looked at your home page and loved it, especially the Freeze Batman pic... WOW! Anyway, glad to meet some of the new blood. Keep up
  8. If you're looking comics in the UK get to the Forbidden Planet store in Brum (there must be one in Birmingham, there's one in Cardiff) The one in Cardiff is pretty well stocked with all kinds of cool comics, TPBs and various comic toys and paraphernalia. Failing that get on ebay, loads of sellers selling brand new and back issues of books. Baz
  9. Here's the inked page for the Charity Book I've been helping out with of late. Image removed until the book's out. All submissions needed to be based on the theme of "Hope" and that's what this King needs if he's ever to see his queen again (she's prisoner in the city walls)... all that in 1 page!! Keep your eyes peeled, I'll be posting alink to the book when it's available to buy. The pencils were by a very talented guy, De'Andre Truesdale. If you get a chance check out his book Chronicles of a Bounty Hunter on www.indyplanet.com (just click the link and buy it if you like the
  10. http://www.heroinitiative.org/Content.asp?Id=2 that's their home page. Not 100% sure when the books out (had to have all stories finished by the end of the month) but I'll keep the forum posted. Cheers for taking an interest Noel
  11. Good luck to Swayze! ROADHOUSE is the CHEESIEST film ever but he was awesome in it (not a guy to mess with!) WESSSSSSSSSSLEY!!!!!!! F**K youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! And of course Point Break got me into Surfing.. I suck and am more akin to an early Jonny Utah on a board... but still I try.
  12. Oh and let's not forget that neither person actually exists! If only you'd taken a little longer you'd have broken the fourth wall and realised in a world where a man has a metal skeleton and another fights crime dressed as a bad.... it may be possible for their universes (for a 1 off special event) to merge and for them to fight. Suspend you're beleive fella... it's a lot more fun on this side
  13. The charity book I'm working on for Ronin-Studios was due to have Sean "Cheeks" Galloway but due to a clerical error (at our end I think) he's now booked solid and can't do it. I'm hitting the boards looking for any other big names who might be willing to help out. The book's for the Hero Initiative and it's going to help a good cause. I think they want a big name cover to make it more attractive to the public and make more money for the charity. If anyone knows a maverick rogue who may be able bail us out. Thanks for looking Barri no pay... except for the warm
  14. I was just wondering if Raw were accepting submissions for new creator owned material. I'm gettign a comic pitch ready (isn't everyone :-p) and I was just wondering if I could get something to the Raw team. Thanks for taking a second to look. Barri
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