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  1. Got some concept work for you. He may look a bit cuddly... but he's not.. You'll see soon enough what I'm on about.
  2. Long time no post but here's an update on the comic I'm putting together. Great inks over brilliant pencils = Happy Me. Now my hunt for a colours guru begins. Barri
  3. Me and the wife LOVE Wolverine, our 1st son is called Logan for pete's sake. So I went into the film wanting so much to love it. I was dissapointed... but I still liked it. What they did well they did VERY well and all the characters crammed in changes and so on, though a downer, don't detract from the fact that Wolvie got to Kick ass. On the big screen! Now here's my take on it. Wade Wilson was Ace..... Deadpool was cack! (that's rubbish in BRIT ) Gambit looked the part but what was up with the accent... sometimes you could tell he was trying.. other times he just didn't seem to bother. Sabertooth, Blob, Agent Zero, Wraith and "Merry" were all OK, not great, not terrible. Wolvie.. well short of 1970's Jack Nicholson being transported to the here and now to play him I'm VERY happy with Jackman. Thumbs up. If they pegged Patrick Stewarts skin back so he could play young Chucky X why not do the same for Brian Cox!! It needed a GREAT actor to help it along. Brian Cox is the BOMB! (on a side note, anyone seen Manhunter? His Hannibal is a bagillion times scarier than (and being a Welshman this is difficult to say) Sir Anthony Hopkins) All in all it was dissapointing... Not the worst film ever but no where near it's potential. Oh and Emma Frost is Silver Fox's sister? hmmmmm... Loads of the cast were apparently COVERED is bruises from the amount of shoe horning of character into the story.
  4. I'm posting this in various places trying to get a broad spectrum of opinions before I polish it up and send it to Tharg and 2000AD. Let me know if you think the twist is obvious (well it is because you're privy to info the reader wouldn't be... but well; you know... does the idea hid ehte twist well enough?) Invasion of the Planet Killers!!! Written By Barri Lang Synopsis The human race has destroyed the Earth. Bled it dry of every natural resource and dug so deep for more, that the planet has cracked and cooled. A new home is needed. Looking out into space a suitable replacement is found, it’s green, it’s vibrant… it is inhabited. And so from a dying planet the human race wages war on a peaceful race of “Blob Creatures”, the aim being to take over the world and turn it into “New Earth” This is the mission and with a vicious barbaric efficiency the human race set about exterminating the planets inhabitants. Now the twist isn’t obvious here but the twist will come from the narrative. The narrative will lead the reader to believe that this is a “by the numbers” story about the poor humans being invaded by an alien race for our “bountiful” natural resources… We haven’t got any! What are they on about! We’re the fuel hungry race! If anyone were going to steal another planets energy it’d be the human race. So throughout this story we will see the invasion, we will be led to believe that the humans are on the defensive until the final page reveals waves of human landing craft coming to slaughter the poor helpless alien race. Page 1 Panel 1 A blue green jewel of a planet floats in space, similar to earth in the water/land ratio. So much so that the reader will think that this IS earth. (We of course know that this is the peaceful Alien home-world that the humans are about to attack.) A slightly battered and grubby space ship hovers in orbit. (Think rebellion from the original Star Wars) Caption Our home was one of peace, Panel 2 As above except we’ve pulled out slightly, more space ships are visible and the planet is surrounded. It is a make shift armada of battered and war worn warships. (Again a “hotch potch” fleet like the rebel fleet in Star Wars.) Caption Generations of peaceful solitude had left us ill prepared for invasion. Panel 3 The ships from panels 1 & 2 plough into a bright blue summers sky, the lower portions of the ships glowing as they are buffeted on entry. They stretch out across the horizon, a force to strike fear into any defenders. Caption When the attack came… Panel 4 Viewing a similar scene to the above panel from the sky, we look down on the top of the ships as they close in on the ground. Huge sleek buildings rise to meet them. The alien society is obviously at the pinnacle of social evolution. Their world clean, green and peaceful, there is still no sign that this is not earth. Caption It was without warning. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 2 Panel 1 We see Earth, a dead planet, smoking chimneys, squat grubby buildings. Again this will look like the alien world but it’s in reality a gutted and exhausted Earth. Caption We discovered from captured invaders that their world was dying. Panel 2 Wide panel. We view Earth a fair distance up from the ground. The main focus on dust dry ocean beds, huge fissures. Caption They cracked their planet delving deeper and deeper for the dwindling resources held within. Panel 3 From space we see the Earth of the future in the B/G. In the F/G a huge space telescope, like the Hubble but dissimilar enough to make the reader think it’s alien. Caption With their planet dead they searched the cold reaches of space for a new home. Panel 4 The familiar warships from page 1 take off on mass. Fuel hungry engines belching flames and smoke and kicking up clouds of dust. Caption They found ours and slowly and surely they drew their plans against us. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 3 Panel 1 A grim battle field, the sun is setting but giving enough light for us to easily see the scene. A huge alien (a gelatinous blob with 1 eye) about the size of 3 men, is hammered by fire from the rifles of the Human soldiers that surround it, it bats a soldier away with 1 limb while tearing another in half with another 2 limbs. Caption Their attacks were ferocious, but we were not as defenceless as they had expected. Panel 2 A man clings to the back of one of the blobs; it is smaller than the last one, about half the size. He has his combat knife plunged deep into the wobbly flesh of the creature. Caption We fought them tooth and nail for every inch of our home. Panel 3 Ariel shot of a battle field, human soldiers advance on some of the blobs (who advance themselves.) The ground has been pockmarked by explosives. The Humans far outnumber the blobs, the blobs dwarf the humans. Caption But these grotesque invaders were horrifically efficient killers. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 4 Panel 1 A nigh-time scene the lighting coming from starburst fired into the air (o/p) guiding the advancing Humans. Hard shadows from the harsh light cast by the flares. The homicidal look in the soldiers eyes being a hint that all may not be as it seems. The crazed human soldiers charge at us (the reader) one waves a flag (the image of earth with a circle of stars around it set on a red background) the others fire their weapons. Caption With defeat staring us in the face we fight to the last. Panel 2 Same harshly lit scene. A blob bites the arm of a soldier he pushes the jaws with his other arm trying to get the jaws open. 3 other soldiers’ fire weapons point black into its hulking body. Caption For our wives… our children… we fight. Panel 3 Day has broken on the war ravaged planet, warm light of the dawn sun casting softer, long shadows. In the mud of the battle field 6 soldiers surround a blob firing on it, a ranking officer in the F/G points at the blob. A few men are being hurled through the air the blobs posture showing it was him who put them there. Caption For our lives we fight. Page 5 Splash page. It’s middle of the day, bright sun again. Smoke drifts across the scene. In the extreme F/G a large alien shields and protects two cowering small aliens. It looks over its “shoulder” towards them and we see fear on its face. A ship landing craft from page 1 is on the surface in the middle ground and Human soldiers are pouring out of an open entryway in the front (Like the loading bay of the Serenity from the Firefly series. In the B/G more Human landing craft are coming in to land, flames lick and smoke making the BK and hellish inferno. We see now for certain that it is the humans who are the invading force. Caption They came from space. Caption They won’t stop until they have killed us all.
  5. If only there was a maverick rogue writer out there who could combine your Marshal Tyme with... I dunno, Space Monkeys! The day I see radical thinking like that is the day I see them film the un-filmable Watchmen! Looking good Marc. Brett's work, as always, kicks ass and the covers pretty funky too.
  6. He was cool in Boomtown too. That was a GREAT series, maybe the fact that Street Fighter WILL suck ass is gonna hinder him... I'm a HUGE Filton fan... that being said being a filton fan I hope he doesn't play Cap.. without wanting to become hated by eveyone here.. Cap is Ruuuuuuuuuubish! :-p Cap and Superman.. too perfect to be interesting and or engaging in my (usually totally wron) opinion. WHO should filton play..... Mal Reynolds for the rest of his life.. When my lottery win comes in I'll have the whole team back together to act out Firefly scripts I will write. :-P He'd be a good Spiderman (older of course) He's cocky enough.. or Deadpool (though I'm sure Ryan Renolds will be cool too)
  7. "Can't a guy just sneak around quietly in the shadows of the internet any more these days?" If you wanna sneak Nick then use a different name... I had the same problems when the internet started up so I've started going under the name "Clubber-Lang" (from the Rocky films... WOW what a movie) Anyway keep it on the low down but my real name is natS eeL (I wrote it backwards so the damn internet search engines won't find it) I just looked at your home page and loved it, especially the Freeze Batman pic... WOW! Anyway, glad to meet some of the new blood. Keep up the good work kiddo and I’ll maybe throw some work your way... real hush hush stuff. natS
  8. If you're looking comics in the UK get to the Forbidden Planet store in Brum (there must be one in Birmingham, there's one in Cardiff) The one in Cardiff is pretty well stocked with all kinds of cool comics, TPBs and various comic toys and paraphernalia. Failing that get on ebay, loads of sellers selling brand new and back issues of books. Baz
  9. Here's the inked page for the Charity Book I've been helping out with of late. Image removed until the book's out. All submissions needed to be based on the theme of "Hope" and that's what this King needs if he's ever to see his queen again (she's prisoner in the city walls)... all that in 1 page!! Keep your eyes peeled, I'll be posting alink to the book when it's available to buy. The pencils were by a very talented guy, De'Andre Truesdale. If you get a chance check out his book Chronicles of a Bounty Hunter on www.indyplanet.com (just click the link and buy it if you like the look of this and that Chronicles of a Bounty Hunter ) Thanks for looking Barri
  10. http://www.heroinitiative.org/Content.asp?Id=2 that's their home page. Not 100% sure when the books out (had to have all stories finished by the end of the month) but I'll keep the forum posted. Cheers for taking an interest Noel
  11. Good luck to Swayze! ROADHOUSE is the CHEESIEST film ever but he was awesome in it (not a guy to mess with!) WESSSSSSSSSSLEY!!!!!!! F**K youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! And of course Point Break got me into Surfing.. I suck and am more akin to an early Jonny Utah on a board... but still I try.
  12. Oh and let's not forget that neither person actually exists! If only you'd taken a little longer you'd have broken the fourth wall and realised in a world where a man has a metal skeleton and another fights crime dressed as a bad.... it may be possible for their universes (for a 1 off special event) to merge and for them to fight. Suspend you're beleive fella... it's a lot more fun on this side
  13. The charity book I'm working on for Ronin-Studios was due to have Sean "Cheeks" Galloway but due to a clerical error (at our end I think) he's now booked solid and can't do it. I'm hitting the boards looking for any other big names who might be willing to help out. The book's for the Hero Initiative and it's going to help a good cause. I think they want a big name cover to make it more attractive to the public and make more money for the charity. If anyone knows a maverick rogue who may be able bail us out. Thanks for looking Barri no pay... except for the warm fuzzy feeling you'll get when help your fellow man... or woman. :-)
  14. I was just wondering if Raw were accepting submissions for new creator owned material. I'm gettign a comic pitch ready (isn't everyone :-p) and I was just wondering if I could get something to the Raw team. Thanks for taking a second to look. Barri
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