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  1. I LOVE Time Again! I have the video for Cold Concrete on my myspace page. It's one of my favorite songs right now.
  2. Ewing- Great stuff, I especially like your poster for The Briggs!
  3. Always reminds me of Lost Highway. Good stuff.
  4. Maybe the guy with swords coming out of his arms is supposed to be Kane. He was Wolverine's successor in the Weapon X program, so maybe.... but the whole no mouth thing is throwing me off. He looks like he should be in a Hell Raiser movie.
  5. Carl Perkins is bad ass! And Jerry Lee Lewis is so amazing he's like a freak of nature, but he is such a train wreck- makes me really sad.
  6. Ahhhhh, I'm so frustrated! I have absolutely no idea if I enjoyed this movie or not. The theater was riddled with douche bag phone conversations and some stupid little shits laser pointing the screen. I'm so sick of having movie theater experiences ruined. It makes me really sad that I can't enjoy a movie at the theater anymore. Guess I'll have to wait till it comes out on DVD. 'Friday' slashes box office record!
  7. Check out these New Mutant Chronicle Stills from Bloody-Disgusting. Yay!
  8. Those were great discussions. I just loved hearing what all those guys had to say about the film- especially Roddy, who looks kinda awesome for his age BTW.
  9. tee hee- on the SFX cover, it looks like they styled his hair with old lady hot rollers.
  10. True Blood, if you can get past the horrendous accents, is a really awesome show. It's got a weird campy undertone. I love it!
  11. asimonep

    I JUST...

    Wore a sun dress to work today, it's gonna be in the 70's! Can't imagine what that must be like, JWeber. Sounds like a pain in the ass.
  12. Wow, this film looks awesome! Thanks so much for the link.
  13. 2009 Golden Globe Nominees Announced
  14. The Sugarcubes deserve tons of respect and Bjork's solo career continues to impress me. Birthday is a beautiful song. Bjork was in a really fantastic movie with Catherine Deneuve called Dancer in the Dark. My roommate was watching it, and I was just passing through the room to get a glass of water. I stopped to look for a moment, and before I knew it I had been standing there for 45 minutes and had tears running down my face. This movie is really good and very very emotional.
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