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  1. I love the idea of more 3D movies (as long as they're not gimmick-y and take you out of the illusion) but sadly for me, my local cinema's don't seem to want to support/promote 3D. Neither Beowulf nor Journey to the Centre of the Earth were released in 3D in my city (although strangely Monster House was, and it was good fun) so it doesn't give me much hope of coming across The Dark Country in 3D sadly. Just one question for Tim or Tom - Do you think there is any chance The Dark Country will be released in 3D on DVD/Blu-Ray? You'd think with Blu-Ray they could easily get both versions of the m
  2. Murphy


    I hope Tom knows what he's signed up for. Sure, HBO output some of the best TV shows ever made, and sure Alexander Payne is a great director...... but if the show is successful, Tom is going to have to put up with lots of dick puns for the rest of his life. Fun for the first 5 minutes yeah, but after the thousandth dick joke, it might begin to grate. On the plus side, he could write them all down and become Kevin Smith's new best friend :-P
  3. I see "Michelle Rodriguez" is "rumoured" to have been added to the cast. Cool. I've always thought she was great, but sadly got typecast very early in her career. Hopefully she's given a chance to display more range in Malone.
  4. Good luck getting your hands on a Thursday DVD
  5. Hello everyone :-) Didn't know Medium was on the BBC (never even seen an ad for it, shame really), but I'm one of those people who has to see any movie/TV series right from the start so I can fully appreciate it, rather than just drop in mid-season. I'm a bit OCD that way :-P Just checked Medium out on IMDB and apart from Patrica Arquette who I've always thought was cool since seeing her in Beyond Rangoon, True Romance and Lost Highway, I see Jake Weber is in it too. Cool, always liked him too, he was great in Mind of the Married Man and the Dawn of the dead remake.
  6. Name: Murphy Location: Bath, England (but I'm actually from Ireland) Your Interests (besides Tom, of course): I'm a bit of a movie nut, read a lot, Scuba diving, mountain climbing, motorbikes and playing the drums. When did you first become at fan of Tom's? Deep Blue Sea... apart from Stellan SkarsgÄrd, his character was the only one I hoped would live :-P What are your favorite Tom-related films? Stander, The Mist & The Last Time I Committed Suicide (took me a long time to track that down on DVD, but it was worth it) What future Tom-related project (comics/films
  7. Tom Jane doing comedy! Yeah, maybe he could make some kooky chick-flick/rom-com with Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate or someone kooky like that .... Or maybe he could do some sort of celebrity cameo on the greatest prematurely cancellend TV comedy ever, playing himself method acting as a homeless guy Man, "I just want my kids back." line in Arrested Development was a classic. I'm always quoting it to my friends (but sadly only a few of them are cultured enough to get it ). That was one of the best episodes of Arrested Development ever. What I'd give to get my hands on one of the "
  8. Long Time Lurker decides to speak I'm sorry, but I really don't think Tom should star in a Deathwish remake. Not that I don't think he's do a great job, but I think he would seriously risk becoming typecast by doing another high profile 'revenge' movie. Two of my favourite performances of his were 'Todd Parker' in Boogie Nights and 'Andre Stander' in Stander, both gravitating to the dark side of the characters, in a real and gritty way. I'd like to see him push it a little further and play a real nasty guy for a change. Sure, he's played people on the wrong side of the law before, b
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