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  1. Whenever I hear of TWC doing something stupid, I can't help but remember the send up of Harvey Weinstein in 'Entourage' when Chase chooses the Aquaman movie over the oscar baiting Surfer movie. Classic
  2. It's available on Region 2 alright, just seems to be quite rare. Guess it will have to go onto the christmas stocking list. Have 'The Train' opn my list tho, so now all I have to do is convince my g/f that it will make a better night in than watching 13 going on 30 ... or pretend it arrived by mistake Some day all films will be digitally fed into our TV's from the skies on demand, allowing us to watch whatever we like, whenever we like, and on that day I will spit on Love Films grave, Muahahahahaha etc... Maybe you should limit your list to films that are also widely available in
  3. Cool, I'll be looking out for you when I get a chance to sit down and watch it again
  4. In your face America, UK Rocks... N Rolls .... who care if you get 99% of films before us, we get the new Guy Ritchie movies first. Even if that means we have to put up with Madonna, so be it
  5. On the plus side, Elmore Leonard really liked the film, so maybe it will have been worth the (v. long) wait. Cool poster, I wonder if they have one for every character, Google Time
  6. Is this the same James Gunn that wrote the Dawn of the Dead remake and directed Slither? Judging by Nathan Fillons involvement, I imagine so. How have I not heard about this before??? I love the concept. I'm in India right now and it's hilarious watching all these R rated American movies that have been edited as family friendly for the Indian market. Good times :-)
  7. Cheers for the response. That's a shame to think of all that original artwork being boxed up and put in an archive somewhere. Art should be enjoyed and appreciated, not filed away. Oh well, at least some of it should make it onto some of the better DVD extra's I guess.
  8. Guessing there is no point in asking you any questions about it as a. They probably made you sign some sort of non-disclosure agreement b. This is a thread for the 'The Road' But I do have a general question if that's cool, What happens the storyboards once the film is wrapped. Guessing the production company retains the rights etc... but damn it if I aint just curious.
  9. Just bought Transformers on HD DVD (yeah, I know, I should have backed Blu Ray, but HD is just better dammit!). What chapter(s) should I expect to see you in? Looking forward to seeing it again, that was one fun movie.
  10. It being in German and made in Germany, I'd go with "Foreign Vault" .... just a thought Have wanted to see "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" for years, this finally gave me the kick in the arse I needed to add it to my LoveFilm list (which is currently at 522 title in my queue ... need more free time ) only to find out they don't even have it in stock. Ditto with Seconds and Seven Days in May ..... Yee Gods!!!
  11. So did the Mythbusters prove that Sharks can swim backwards or that LL Cool J has some discernable acting talent ... only kidding, to be fair he was pretty good in Deep Blue Sea and Any Given Sunday
  12. Sorry about the suggestions Tim, I kind of just jumped into the lists and skimmed the rest. *curses on my low attention span* How have I never heard of this film 'Seconds'? I used to consider myself a movie buff, but now I feel like the idiot who walks into Blockbuster asking to rent 'The Dark Knight' on DVD Guess I'll just have to rent it when I get back home .... in 6 weeks time (bugger)
  13. Hmmm, I wonder if I should go see RocknRolla tonight or wait 6 weeks, fly to America and watch it when it's released there instead? ..... not that Guy Ritchie is a patch on John Hillcoat but we take consolation where we can .... (I'm still bitter about having to wait until July 2008 to see The Mist in the cinema in the UK... time for some healing )
  14. Someone has to be disappointed to see The Mist didn't make the Horror or Sci Fi list Great to see Bill Paxton get his dues for Frailty, Near Dark, A Simple Plan and especially One False Move (really have to trade my VHS for DVD on that one). Funny that you have Get Carter and The Limey are on the list, considering that one's just a remake of the other. Surprised to see A Very Long Engagement at the top of the foreign film list. I though the whole movie resembled a feature length Stella Artois commerical and consider it the directors 2nd poorest film from their catalogue. Ha
  15. For my money, Jaws and Deep Blue Sea are the only shark movies worth wathing anyway.... except for Casper Van Dien's "Shark Attack" obviously
  16. While I think The Punisher is not a perfect movie (I think the editing/pacing was too slow, some of the music didn't work and Travolta phoned it in... which was a real shame as he has been a great bad guy in the past), I did really like the idea that Castle methodically sets Saint up, taking everything from him (not just his life), his friend, his wife, his sons and then his life! Revenge best as a dish best served cold and all of that. I can see some of Chuck Dixon's idea's working well (although it could have been a bit too close to Shoot Em Up), but an ending with The Punisher havin
  17. Nice dodge.... ever considered a carreer in politics
  18. Just out of curiosity, (without naming names) what doesn't work with the film? Good source material, great cast, a solid director. It all sounded so promising.
  19. How has nobody mentioned "BioShock" yet? Going to be interesting to see what kind of film Gore Verbinski makes. John Logan (Gladiator, The Aviator, Sweeney Todd) wrote it so the signs are looking good.
  20. Watch 'Driven' and your opinion might change for the worse, although I have to say, apart from Deep Blue Sea, The Long Kiss Goodnight was kickass.
  21. yeah, and why do they have to keep adapting books and comics too, the Lazy assholes Most films are so formulaic these days anyway, what does it matter if it's a remake to begin with. Lets not forget that sometimes a remake can be far superior to the original, take "The Thing from Another World" and "The Thing", or heck go further back and check out "Yojimbo" or "A Fist Full of Dollars". Should we take the Oscar back from Scorcesse for The Departed and give it to the director of Infernal Affairs? As long as it's done well (i.e. not Gus Van Sants 'Psycho' remake ) then who cares
  22. Sadly the box office returns didn't.... unless people get out there and buy the DVD
  23. I expect that they don't actually know they are watching an unfinished cut. Obviously they know what they are doing is illegal and unethical though, so they have no excuse/defence on that front. It would be interesting to hear some of the reviewers explain where they managed to see the rough cut of the film, either they'd have to claim their reviews were fiction or implicate themselves in illegal filesharing. The internet is the internet, it's a breeding ground for unethical acts and that's just something that can't be changed. Personally I think the question people should be asking is ho
  24. Yeah, I never said Tarzan or the author were racist, just the concept and the implications that it takes a white noble guy to the the hero in a continent of non-whites, is inherently racist. Also if you look closely at my comment, *tongue in cheek* .... although if you want to argue about it, if you believe what you read on Wiki Tarzan books and movies have often been criticized as being blatantly racist. The early books give an overwhelmingly negative and stereotypical portrayal of native Africans, both Arab and Black" So maybe the author was kind of racist after all Proba
  25. To be fair, he made a $90 million movie for about $30 million, you've got to forgive him a few faults. Wonder what his next movie will be like now that he's moved to Hollywood to work with a studio budget and Hugh Jackman
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