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  1. Massive Walking Dead fan (just gets better and darker as the years go by) Yeah, it definately would have to be a mini series, would be a crime to strip it down to 90 minutes. As for casting, well, here is a few punts based on a decent TV budget: Rick: Going against the grain here, but I'd like to see Damien Lewis in the role. I've always loved that Rick is not your typical pulp hero, but far more vulnerable. Lori: Amy Ryan - Great at playing flawed characters Shane: Carlos Bernard Glenn: no idea. Suggestions? Allen: Xander Berkeley - A wig and a beard, and I think
  2. To be fair, Sean Penn has only done a handful of overtly political films. From that select bunch none of which (I can think of) were bad .... unlike some of his "not political in any way" films (I'm looking at you 'Shanghai Surprise'). As an aside, I had a bit of a giggle when I checked out his career on IMDB and noted one of the characters he played was called 'Thomas Janes'
  3. Got a lot of really good reviews when it came out, general consensus is that it's comparable to Dark City and should generate a decent cult following. Would love to have seen it but sadly it was only released in a hand-full of theatres and none within 100 miles of me.
  4. Not sure why most of the posts here were removed, but it looks like this film is getting made now. Pretty cool for the poster/writer/director. Wish him luck and will try see when it comes out: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0886491/
  5. Link above is broken, but can find it ... for now
  6. According to the BBC, Bruce Willis and Ice Cube are rumoured to be on board. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7856758.stm Personally, I like Joe Carnahan, but Bruce Willis doesn't really strike me as a good fit for (assuming) Hannibal. I always figured Mel Gibson would have made a great Hannibal back in the day, but I don't know if he could pull it off anymore. As for Ice Cube, surely they can do better than him? Why not go out on a limb and cast Terry Tate
  7. I don't know, does someone need an imagination? Kudos for your logical deconstruction of my arguements with well thought out facts, referencing the source material to back up your arguements. Look, I'm happy to see Tom play a bad-ass anyday, but Without Remorse (the book) is a paint by numbers revenge thriller, that ticks all the cliche while boxes bringing nothing new to the table. Why does cookie cutter Hollywood insist on making movies that fit the same template, where every plot point is sginposted on the bleeding poster. Look at a creative revenge film like 'OldBoy' for e
  8. It has a lot more to it! Like what? An anti-hero who takes his time taking out the bad guys? A car chase with a 4x4 that ends badly for the good guys? A corrupt cop who sells out the anit-hero (see the cut scenes from The Punisher). Taking on most of the bad guys, holed up in a building at the end? Heck, the most interesting part (using a hyperbalic chamber to kill a guy) had already been done in a Bond movie (License to Kill) nearly 4 years before it was printed! It's a mediocre book that suffers from many of the same issues as most Tom Clancy books IMHO
  9. Thought "Flight AA" was the title of a movie there for a second. Just a suggestion but perhaps the thread title should have been "Tom on Flight AA" :-P
  10. Hmmm.... or we could all just watch 'The Punisher' again seeing as it essentially has the same premise .... ex-special forces, survives when his love is killed, operating outside the law, taking down a criminal gang etc... typecasting eh!
  11. It's listed as coming out on IMDB too. Nearly fell of my chair in disbelief. I figure that means we should see it on this side of the pond in 6 months or so... groan
  12. Well, as no one would do it for me, I had to master the art of Google myself. UK release date is 24 April 2009. Wait, what? WTF? Why the heck do we have to wait an extra 3 months for the film to be released in the UK, what is this, the 1980's all over again? Do they only have 5 prints or something! .... and why the feck do they have to release it the weekend I'm running the London Marathon, the only weekend I've got something planned all year! Yee gods, Murphy's law or what!
  13. I'm unashamedly a fan of Reeves (although I'll admit he's had his short-comings in a few roles), but I don't know. The idea of having Keanu in a Sci-Fi/Kung Fu adaptation just seems a little uninspired to me.
  14. At the risk of sounding like an old man, I have to say this movie has a great soundtrack. Picked it up cheap on Amazon when I couldn't find the DVD, and it really gave me a taste for Jazz. I'm sure I'll buy some more Jazz some day (when I'm older :-P) but this was a great intro to it.
  15. Hmmm, interesting. Turns out the director is David Bowie's son. Let's hope he's a better director than Bob Dylans's son! I know the soundtrack is by Clint Mansell, but they've got to work in one of Bowie's songs somewhere.
  16. Man, I'm giddy with excitement about seeing this movie, it just looks like such fun (something missing from the cinema's around Oscar time). Anyone know the UK release date?
  17. Aw man, this had better be a good adaptation, or I'll be forced to use harsh language. Casting of Keanu seems alright to be (although he might be a bit too old for the part now). I always thought Cillian Murphy would make a good Spike, he's got the right look/physique and he's a damn good actor. Can't wait too see the inevitable FHM photoshoot for whomever they cast as 'Faye Valentine' :-) Not sure about the writer Peter Craig, I've not seen anything he's written, so I'm hoping he's just a huge fan who decided to try adapt it, rather than being a hack who was drafted in to make sure the
  18. Hmmm, sounds like someone say 'Mission to Mars' and wondered what if the movie was about Don Cheadle hanging around for years on end. Would certainly have been a better movie that's for sure! I've got high hopes for this one
  19. or alternatively, just watch 'Thursday' ... if you can find a copy
  20. I got my first BMX and learned to cycle/defy gravity by being shoved down a hill by my evil older brother.... good times.
  21. When did 'Keith David' become voice-over man?
  22. What was really strange that is that it was Sunshine was actually quite successful in the United Kingdom, where it was released months before in the States. So they knew that there was an audience (even if they were divided about the last section of the film..... but then again they had the same issue with 28 Days later!) and they still failed to market it. So frustrating to see such a creative movie getting mistreated (and don't even start me on the Soundtrack/Score fiasco). Can't wait to see it in Blu Ray, this is pretty high on my shopping list.
  23. If my local cinema doesn't run this in 3D, I'm going to be as gutted as Drew Barrymore at the start of 'Sceam'
  24. Yeah, Empire is a great magazine, but it sucks for the State Side readers that usually by the time something is released in Europe (and Empire can print their reviews) most movies have already been and gone in the U.S. Empire's original 'The Mist' review can be found here if anyone is interested.
  25. the realisation at the end of OldBoy as to whom was actually getting revenge all along. Awesome, completely turned the movie on it's head
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