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  1. Love the idea of a gothic western (still gutted Deadwood was canceled in it's prime), but seriously, that's one hell of a title to try market (remember how few people went to see The Shawshank Redemption because of the title, despite the fact that it's one of the best movies ever! Besides, is it just me or does the title sound more like the name of a 1970's kung fu movie?
  2. Really excited about The Walking Dead (even if they do stray from the source material a little). The fact that it's already been green-lit for a second season gives me a lot of faith in this. Will be interesting to see Andrew (Egg) Lincoln as Rick, not an obvious choice, so it should be interesting (assuming he can pull off an American accent). Doubt they'd be able to get Tom to play the Govenor, that would be a big commitment in terms of time (probably most of Season 2) which would be hard to juggle.
  3. Murphy


    Still no sign of the UK DVD release dates
  4. Shame, it looked like a nice bit of escapist fun. Worth a rental if not a night in the cinema?
  5. I love that they had the balls to just cast a bunch of unknowns (and not the typical Beveryly Hills 90210 looking 'unknowns' either) and locals instead of shipping in a bunch of americans with bad south african accents (no offence to my american cousins, but very few american actors can do a foreign accent well... notable exceptions include TJ, his was great in Stander).
  6. Seriously, no matter what you think of the trailer, who isn't going to go watch this (short of it getting Brett Ratner like reviews)
  7. Two films I display proudly in my DVD collection. Not had a chance to see Red Belt yet though :-(
  8. 32 issues, sweet, now we're cooking with gas. Thanks Fred Any luck, film might inspire them to write a few more.
  9. Brillaint! "A former NYC cabbie and test driver for Lamborghini" .... Yeah, because Italian super car manufacturers always scout out NYC cabbies, rather than professional race drivers. Michael Schumacher? Lewis Hamilton? F*ck that, Lambroghini go for Travis Bickle every time! After all, when you want to test a supercar, you obviously go for the driver who spends most of his working day stuck in traffic
  10. Is there only 1? Shucks, I was hoping it would fill the '100 Bullets' shaped hole in my life when I polish off Vol. 13 in the next few days :-(
  11. Murphy


    Is it? What channel?
  12. I don't know how many people were jonesing for another Indy after the blight on my memories that was the Crystal Crud, but it looks like another one has been rolled into production for better or worse (well, could it be worse than Indy 4?) http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=25095 Worrying that Shia Lebeouf is involved, personally I thought his character was a bit rubbish (ah, if only they have gone with the original idea of Natalie Portman as Indy's daughter, it could have been so much better)
  13. Nice cast ... although I've no idea who the last 2 are, the others are all pretty damn cool. I've had 'The Losers' on my shopping list for a while, might need to bump it to the top now!
  14. Only getting 'alright' reviews, 3 out of 5 from Empire
  15. Murphy


    Anyone happen to know who is going to air this in the UK by any chance? The DVD release is going to be a long way away :-(
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