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  1. Love the idea of a gothic western (still gutted Deadwood was canceled in it's prime), but seriously, that's one hell of a title to try market (remember how few people went to see The Shawshank Redemption because of the title, despite the fact that it's one of the best movies ever! Besides, is it just me or does the title sound more like the name of a 1970's kung fu movie?
  2. Murphy


    Still no sign of the UK DVD release dates
  3. Murphy


    Is it? What channel?
  4. Murphy


    Anyone happen to know who is going to air this in the UK by any chance? The DVD release is going to be a long way away :-(
  5. Murphy


    I'm loving the vibe, seems to be in the same vein as Weeds (one of my favourite shows on TV). Awesome :-)
  6. It's listed as coming out on IMDB too. Nearly fell of my chair in disbelief. I figure that means we should see it on this side of the pond in 6 months or so... groan
  7. or alternatively, just watch 'Thursday' ... if you can find a copy
  8. I got my first BMX and learned to cycle/defy gravity by being shoved down a hill by my evil older brother.... good times.
  9. What was really strange that is that it was Sunshine was actually quite successful in the United Kingdom, where it was released months before in the States. So they knew that there was an audience (even if they were divided about the last section of the film..... but then again they had the same issue with 28 Days later!) and they still failed to market it. So frustrating to see such a creative movie getting mistreated (and don't even start me on the Soundtrack/Score fiasco). Can't wait to see it in Blu Ray, this is pretty high on my shopping list.
  10. Yeah, Empire is a great magazine, but it sucks for the State Side readers that usually by the time something is released in Europe (and Empire can print their reviews) most movies have already been and gone in the U.S. Empire's original 'The Mist' review can be found here if anyone is interested.
  11. Some kudos for The Mist from Empire Magazine (the best movie magazine in the United Kingdom and Ireland). They've picked The Mist as one of the 50 films you must see from 2008 (as it was released over here in 2008 for some reason that has always escaped me) in their review of the year. "The Mist Frank Darabont's third Stephen King feature is debatedly the year's best thriller - B movie chills with A-list craft and intelligence" Defining moment: The most powerful ending of the year bar none"
  12. Awww shucks, you guy'll make me blush if you're not careful Cheers Parker and Tim, I think you guys are cool too :-)
  13. This is so going to be the first Blu Ray disk I buy (curses on the death of HD DVD tho, it was so the better format). Can't wait, have my Blu Ray drive in the post right now :-) So lucky to be heading back to India Tom, man I love that place. A real shame ot hear about what is going on out there at the moment, but the real sad thing is that this kind of thing (well, not on such a large scale) happens there all the time now, but it's never reported in the West... until some tourists starrt catching bullets that is. The day I arrived in India there was a series of bomb blasts in Delhi, so n
  14. QT is a big boy who knows how the process works. Some people end up with their scenes on the cutting room floor, it's a fact of life. I always felt bad for Michelle Monaghan, who had pretty much all her speaking scenes cut from both Constantine and Syriana, back to back. That's got to rock your confidence. Good thing for her Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was just around the corner!
  15. I don't know if it's just me, but I'm getting a real Ed Brubaker vibe from this movie, which is great as I love the 'Criminal' books.
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