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  1. Another awesome piece Tim. I am a huge fan of Perlman (I want to get him to sign my City of Lost Children DVD if I see him at a con again). Grant's fast colors are on par or better than most colorists final work. Amazing.
  2. How many pieces do you plan on putting in the new book? In regards to Tim's books and prints, don't ever let concerns about quality make you hesitate buying. If you like it, buy it. Any time I had any issues with a Bradstreet purchase, Tim has made good on it and taken care of me. Although there was that one time I could have sworn he was trying to get the Clint Eastwood lookalike to shoot me.
  3. I have been a HUGE fan of Tim's for years. I would love to work with RAW Studios on a project some day. My older stuff can be seen at www.kohse.com and there is a lot at www.myspace.com/kohse. Variant cover I did for DNA Hacker Chronicles: Cover to House at the Edge of Nowhere 1: Pencils to Grimm Fairy Tales Vol 2 trade: For the hell of it piece (acrylic and digital): Cover for Shadowstar Game module: Sketch Cards for Lord of the Rings: Sketch for a mural I am working on for the US Marine Corps: History inaccurate t-shirt desi
  4. Hey Tim. You cannot believe how excited I am that RSD will be coming out finally. Ever since we first talked about the story in San Diego so many years ago (going on 7 years I think?) I have wanted to see it completed. If you recall, I asked at every convention or signing we did together if BloodFire Studios could publish it. I am sad that BloodFire Studios wont be doing it (I really would have loved to work with you, what can I say) but WHO CARES? A great story will be coming out and that is all that matters. Good luck and its about damn time.
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