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  1. I agree, the book looks just great. And it was great to see my Mummy piece was in there. Tim, we'll talk again when you get your copies for sale (i.e. what we were talking about doing at the con last weekend). G.
  2. Of course I'm in. I never miss ya when ya come to town. G.
  3. I was there as usual. Sorry I missed you Tim. Saw you from across the room once, but couldn't get over (sounds like a Craig's List missed connection ad, doesn't it?). We were short-staffed this year at the CBLDF booth, so I was working most of the con. Upside is we made over $90K for the fund (unofficial number, so don't quote me on that), downside is that I saw very few people and got less artwork than normal. I'm in the same camp as most long-timers about the decline of comics at Comic Con. The Hollywood stuff can be fun, but at the same time it's taking over the con. By the time
  4. Already ordered it at my local comic shop. Now to totally threadjack. Speaking of fan-boys. Brian Stelfreeze was in town this weekend (for a wedding we were both groomsmen in), and we went to Mark Hay's shop to pickup a page I bought. He showed us some of your recent covers, and Brian was just about speechless after seeing one of your Hellblazer covers (the one with the tattoo going up the side of a girl). He was talking about that cover all weekend. I think it inspired him. Ok, I guess it's not a total threadjack, since Mark is Tim's agent too. G.
  5. While the prospect of a new piece for the cover is pretty groovy, I'd say you have a winner with the "temporary cover." Looking forward to it. And this time, there's no bitchy girlfriend to run off with it, like my nice HC Maximum Black with the sketch in it. BTW, you get my PM? Adam
  6. Great seeing you again man. So, obviously, I'm registered here now, as you requested. Expect an email from me in the near future about some of the stuff we talked about at the show. And oh yeah, I could sit. Adam
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