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  1. Hey Murphy. The BBC show Medium although it's on really late. Don't know if the Thomas Jane ones been on yet but you could keep an eye out for it in the listings.
  2. check out empires review as well! http://www.empireonline.com/reviews/review....asp?FID=135642 i like the reviewers line in this one "criminally overlooked in the states" Cannot wait to see this. Comes out on Friday here. I'm expecting good things
  3. Jyst saw a poster for this over here last night in the cinema. Can't wait to see it now I'v waited a long time for this to come out. Release date 4th July!!
  4. http://www.aintitcool.com/node/34400 Follow the link to an early review of the mist. Cannot wait to see this film.
  5. Tremors!!! I don't think I need to elaborate further.
  6. I agree with most of the movies above. Has anyone ever seen The Descent? I purchased it recently and it's one of the best Horror/Thrillers I've seen in a while.
  7. Where you from: Ireland Occupation: too broad to specify How did you find this forum: Raws Homepage What are you reading: I'm really into Stephen King at the minute, and I'm hoping to be the owner of Bad Planet soon What are you watching: Last DVD Pan's Labyrinth. Amazing. TV - Re-runs of Father Ted hence the sccreen name. I highly recommend it. What do you have to say for yourself: Feck all. Post a pic...if you dare!: I don't dare.
  8. I have read nothing but good reviews for Bad Planet but was wondering if it's been released in the UK and Ireland yet. If so where can I get it and if not when is it coming over here. I'm too lazy to research this online myself!
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