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  1. "This movie is essentially Evil Dead IV." :-) We saw this with a Q&A from the actors who played young lady & her chap, plus Sam Raimi. The highlight was when asked about a new Evil Dead film and he said "Because of the success of this film with people like you (ie elite London horror crowd) ... ... there will be no Evil Dead film" It's great fun, and very droll how they have toned down the Evil Deadity of the "gore".
  2. Everything looks groovy here. Super shots before and after ! Should I start lobbying for Frightfest again ? :-)
  3. Hmmm, no cinema listings that I can find, but this: http://www.bbfc.co.uk/website/Classified.n...02574D000330DEF is the certification from the BBFC. EDIT: Oh wait, it's under "The" And on in the West End as announced.
  4. Hmmm. I'd heard good things from the Frightfest gang, don't know what version or where they'd seen it but it would most likely be a festival(?) or a screening, but certainly bonafide. As I mentioned before, they wanted to show it at the festival in August. I'd rather hold out for a print you were happy with, but of course it does no good to "boycott" and scare off the US distributors (although Doomsday suggests they'll do that all on their own). These days, there's less stigma to bringing out a DVD directors cut, but people might be put off if there's too much talk of that in advance. Shame on the money people that they can't get the finishing touches done first.
  5. Sorry to dig this up from so long ago but I was really impressed with this. It was on my to watch list because the guy what directed it, Frank Capello, wrote some of the script for Constanteen and seemed like a decent chap (he was prepared to hold his hands up to some of stuff they got wrong and didn't shirk any criticisms). And when we came to San Francisco last year it was on the return flight. Sadly the DVD players broke and I could not catch the end. Anyway, back on topic. I'll start with the most recent one to bring to your attention. Not yet released I think so I hope it qualifies ? Trailer Park of Terror Inspired by a comics horror anthology, taking the central story of the narrator, Norma a trailer trash laydee who makes a deal with the devil (Trace Adkins, peeing acid in his opening scene!). It's a genre set piece, kids with problems arrive in the trailer park on their way to Christian Boot Camp. So far nothing special? Well it's just fun. Imagine if Rob Zombie films were funnier and less stylised. Or if Paris Hilton's House of Wax had more likeable victims and cool demons ! It worked for me in the midst of a horror festival because it was not just shlocky and not deep and meaningful, just fun. And by the way:
  6. I saw Strangers and Midnight Meat Train at the weekend. They are both flawed, but Strangers is definitely a more mainstream and manipulative horror. It depends on vulnerable Liv Tyler, unsubtle sound effects and forced perspectives (but I great looking film and super soundtrack). MMT has some eyepopping gore and Vinnie Jones in superb menacing form, but a poor handling of the innocents' interest in him. (One person obsessed can be glossed over but two more taking risks for no good reason?) BUT this was a much deeper film. They are both alright. What tips the balance is this: TED RAIMI's EYEBALL !!!
  7. Update - they had 1,3,4 & 5 and they were having a half price sale on all back issues for a few days only so I bought them. If you want them PM me your address.
  8. I'll vouch for Orbital too - it's where I got my copies from. Not saying they have copies still but tell them Tim Bradstreet sent you.
  9. Although there is nothing listed on the distributor's site, it is listed here
  10. Well Frightfest has been and gone, and a funny thing happened among the stuff mentioned here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/surprisetruck/ They showed some trailers for forthcoming attractions and I was watching one that looked most excellent and then there was Ron Perlman and something clicked in my brain but I could not place it until right at the end when the name of the film came up on the screen ... you guessed it ... MUTANT CHRONICLES. Looks like we are getting it in the UK.
  11. You better believe it. Next year: NYC in February and if plans go to plan, California in September for the Camper van Beethoven Campout !
  12. We were hoping to see this at frightfest (London, Bank Holiday weekend) but sadly it's off the menu. Hope it all goes well at San Diego.
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