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  1. killer book. as Tim said, we are gearing up for ye olde western now, but hopefully we'll get into gun work in the new year...
  2. watches! great idea. i know plans are afoot for zippo lighters. an 'appearances' section - good. i think we can manage that! soon as we get through the Horrordays we'll get on some new products and make some changes to the site. Tim has some great new art to put up. and we'll be announcing a LOGO CONTEST in the new year, through 99 Designs that's right - we're looking for a new logo! but we WILL be offering the old logo as a Tshirt fo' sho'. hope everyone had a merry Xmas
  3. how cool is that? congrats to THOMAS OTT & TAB MURPHY for BEST ADAPTATION! and the book wouldn't be nearly as cool without Tim's art direction and layouts. nice work, amigo.
  4. the 'just tryin to get to the store' panel should be up and working soon. right now you can hit the store button at the menu at top of page. the 'where's my forum?' panel is also buggy. again, hit the top button for now. we have much more to add, but we wanted to get rolling before the end of the year, and after the world didn't end. so please use this section to tell us what's working - and what's not. all good ideas will be stolen. so please share. podcasts! that's a good one. noted. we have lots of art to switch out, add and keep adding. the STORE is really cool, and gonna get cooler. we are inviting all our raw artists to contribute to make posters tshirts and more. and TIM will have a lot of cool stuff going up too! again - any suggestions as to what you'd like to see hanging on your wall or on your body or elsewhere will be taken seriously - just remember, careful what you ask for!
  5. actually, that was premature. we are still working out kinks, as you can see. give us a few hours and HOPEFULLY w'll be rockin. freakin Fatcow
  6. great post. raccoons are part of the 'screen memories' that aliens use on abductees. abductees report memories of talking to wise animals with big black eyes like raccoons or deer. under hypnosis, it is revealed that they were actually interacting with aliens. the best available evidence suggests that the aliens are conducting a 'breeding program' - creating human/alien hybrids - for what purpose though is unknown.
  7. these are amazing. very cool find!
  8. UPDATE: Horseshoe UFO HOAX ! http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread865375/pg1 Above Top Secret is a pretty great site. Lotta weirdness. But lots of really smart cats on there too.
  9. ok i'm going to chime in briefly. i LOVED the first two. for me there are no other Batman's. this one left me cold. except the very end, which i thought was pretty. i love mushrooms.
  10. gonna check that out. is that Chris Browning from our film??
  11. it'll neva wrok! i tell ya, the Dirty Trio would kick this off the planet. Give me Phil, Chad & 100M
  12. SLEEPLESS NIGHT is total noir. i believe its based on a book or short story. my pal Eddie Muller was just singing its praises. fyi i watched I SAW THE DEVIL last night. blew my mind. mind. blown. i'm also getting into some vintage spaghetti with the SARTANA series. we have a character named after him in MAGNIFICENT DEATH so i thought i better do my homework. Gianni Garko is pretty great as the title character, the enigmatic, Death-like SARTANA, and the films have the best titles ever - IF YOU MEET SARTANA, PRAY FOR YOUR DEATH & LIGHT THE FUSE...SARTANA IS COMING are my favorites. i think about ten Sartana films were made in all. best line, "I am your pallbearer."
  13. THAT'S IT!! Ed Pressman has the rights. we had it going but then it stalled out. great, great script. Ed and I are hard at work on ye olde western. got the green light for Spring. i'll have to ask him about Lunatic
  14. man this book is destined to be one of my personal favorites. it's based on a story that screenwriter David James Kelly and I outlined a few years back, when we were working together on THE AMATEUR KIND. it's one of those powerful stories that just wrote itself. then a couple years later we pulled in Mike Carey to do the honors scripting. Mike was busy writing a video game, so instead of moving on, we waited about six months for him to finish that and start this. Once Mike started, he proceeded to take our little story and elevate it into ART territory. it's now one of the finest stories we've ever done. that's the beauty of having a small studio - we can hold out for the right guys, and give them the time to do it right. that's what we did with Sean - it took us another two years to find the right artist that could give the story the look we wanted. once we lost Liam we thought oh great - there goes another two years - but Liam had Sean in his back pocket, and to our ever loving luck, Sean was just finishing up JULIUS CEASAR and now we're off to the races! i actually think the art will benefit from a touch of color - just enough to help separate the backgrounds - and i think Sean's Lines will pop even more. i'm in love with what the man is doing.
  15. don't know of any toys that disappear mid air.. could be a clever edit but this looks pretty genuine to me. watch again how it 'morphs' in mid air. that's pretty interesting. ok, here's the latest: a UFO documentary by... DISNEY! only aired in 5 states, then pulled. enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trjKcTXZy5w
  16. gotta check out I SAW THE DEVIL. speaking of the Koreans - just posted a UFO filmed over Korea two days ago. amazing video check it out on the Raw Studios/Get Sirius thread...
  17. "Horseshoe" shaped UFO filmed over Korea!
  18. OLDBOY is my favorite film of the last 10 years. masterpiece. how dare they consider remaking it as a Hollywood film! yes, there will always be room for a good revenge flick.
  19. love Cal. the Western is finally taking shape. boat just arrived, full of cash. more to come!
  20. super human being. i was on his panel at SDCC for a minute. he was getting a lot of love. it was a big room and probably three quarters full. that a lot for a Sunday.
  21. my pal jose escamilla has finished a new film about - you guessed it - the Moon. there's some pretty cool imagery in here, and good food for thought: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6ggirhnTm4&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  22. well, everybody's got their something. you can read my post near the beginning of this thread for a description of where Franks head might have been at that morning. one thing about people - they almost never act the way you think they should. but i agree with you for the most part. one thing Frank is not is apathetic -- most days.
  23. i believe the number was 10 million, Timmy. but even then, a new Punisher film is a pipe dream. we live in different times. Frank is a relic. a stone age brute in black and that's one more reason to make the the short -- call it a swan song. but if you want to dream - there is no such thing as a PG13 Frank Castle. no such thing as a television show. and there is no Space Punisher - except in comic books, and i totally get that. comics should be the wild frontier where anything goes. because every now and then, you find gold.
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