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  1. depends on what you mean by doing battle but yes, those are words to live by!
  2. many many thanks and that means a lot!
  3. whoa thanks! there is a directors cut i did a few years ago. contact me, send me a SASE and i will send to you. as for music, that's tough. Eric Lewis is a brilliant dude tho
  4. i grew up D.C. punk rock, minor threat, rites of spring, fugazi. loved Siouxie, Gen x, peter murphy, etc. now my daughter has me on tame impala. fuuuck
  5. did i say that? i like the Predator, love Shane Black. i think we all know the film could've hit a harder note, but what the hell. put it this way: in my version, everyone would have died.
  6. haha organ humor, love it! i work with a dialect coach i love, she lives 2 min from me and is one of the best. that's it really. i just like playing with my organs.
  7. deep blue is having an anniversary screening at the Chinese Theater on May 28. i'll be doing the Q&A afterwards. tough film, all thst freaking water! got a rash on my face i still have to bub the old cortisone on from time to time. little present from the soundstage in Rosarito. Mist was a blast. ate lots of crawfish
  8. thank you! yes i do. there's def a lot of me in there.
  9. why thank ya darlin'! no tats. old acting coach said, "wear your colors on the inside."
  10. if you can hunt down the old FAUST books by Rebel Studios, theey will rock your world
  11. westerns are damn hard to get made. we're focusing on other stuff. just started a prod co. with Courtney Lauren Penn called RENEGADE. got the rights to a Stephen King book, From A Buick 8. this should be easier to get made!
  12. someone's paying attention! good question. the vac suit SUCKs all around. there was a fan to keep the glass from fogging up so the sound was pretty bad. but the performance was good, so i didn't want to go in and loop it. that may have been the issue. we did loop a lot of it, but they were able to save the stuff i wanted. as for that effect, not sure. could very well have been a result of trying to save the sound we had.
  13. hahahahaa that's good
  14. H. Upman magnum 50, Cuban of course. the half corona is great too. that's what i've got now. There's also Robaina
  15. depends what you mean by challenging. the worst is when its 5 below outside and you have to jump in a lake (done that) most challenging role was probably Mickey Mantle in 61* it was also the most rewarding.
  16. this also answers the question about Raw titles: right now there's only one more book coming, yes, The Lycan. We lost our artist, which as you prob know was a big deal because we take our artists very seriously here at Raw. good news: we just (finally) found a new one, after an exhaustive search. More to come on Lycan, but I just last night had dinner with Joe Pruett from AfterShock Comics. Joe has agreed to come onboard and help me publish all six issues of the new Lycan. That's right! Lycan is hitting production as soon as next month. I've talked to our new artist and he is ready to go as soon as he finishes his current book, which should be in the next couple weeks. I've been so busy with film projects I haven't had time to take on a new book; Joe and AfterShock are going to take the reins with publishing, leaving me to do the creative work with our artist. As soon as we sign him up we will make an announcement here at RawStudios. Bravo, AfterShock!
  17. love Tom Waits!
  18. I've got a little house overlooking a lake in Los Angeles. I'm sitting at the dining room table. the deck door is open and a breeze is coming through. sunny today, but it rained yesterday so the air is clean for a change. i've got a cigar in mouth and coffee (with heavy whipping cream, no sugar, since someone asked). No one else is here, I'm typing with two or three fingers, sorry of it's a little slow!
  19. Typically, if I'm not shooting I don't like to wake up before noon. Always been a night owl. I feed Cat, make coffee and meditate for 20 min. then it's usually meetings or writing sessions talking about upcoming projects, making notes on scripts, boring phone calls, that kinda stuff. most days i spend about half my day working on upcoming projects. the rest i spend on getting shit done, reading (Foundation Series by Asimov at the moment) goofing off. in other words, I have the incredible luxury of doing what I want to do, what turns me on. i love it. Back in the day it was splitting my time btwn working at a coffee shop or some place and doing some local theater. i always told myself that i had to do at least one thing for my art every single day, no matter what. It paid off.
  20. I'd love to travel back to the 40s and work with some of the great film noir heroes of mine like John Alton, John Huston, Anthony Mann, Robert Siodmak, Richard Fleischer, the list goes on!
  21. i'm sitting here with coffee and a cigar in sunny LA. got some raisenettes from a movie i went to (can't remember the film) and life is good
  22. heya ! took me a minute to find the thread but here I am!
  23. excellent review! thx for that, I agree with most of it to answer a couple of your questions: Baxley is fire proof. at least when it comes to digital fire. i guess when we shot it we weren't aware how much fire they were gonna add. honestly, a crispy critter baxley nailed to the tree would not have been the greatest visual... the hula girl was something shane added at the end; he wanted to call back all the guys but Bax didn't really have any props, so: hula girl. just a joke, and not a great one. i kept baxley's necklace, which played in a couple scenes but hit the cutting room floor. shane had the idea that Bax has tourette's - tough to play. i was pretty nervous about it. but i have a friend, a stunt guy named pete antico who has the big t. he happened to be up in vancouver for a couple weeks so we hung out - a lot. pete saved my ass. also, check out https://www.touretteshero.com/ i used a bunch of stuff from these great people, who have created a kind of "tic diary" that is nothing short of amazing. tourette's isn't just a lot of grunting and jerking: some truly sublime shit comes out of their mouths sometimes. thanks for all the great feedback folks. i'm glad you dug the film. maybe not the predator i would have done, but working with shane was a real pleasure. maybe we'll get to do it again sometime. next up is cop flick Crown Vic, which is being edited right now. with any luck it will hit sundance next year. see ya'll on the flip side. T
  24. had a blast working with keegan. i'd work with him again in a heartbeat
  25. i will definitely tell him. he will appreciate that. we also worked to show the ptsd of soldiers in a real light. the 1980s were all about muscle and big guns. in 2018, we should be feeling the cost of war on the folks who still endure it. #2! that's a huge compliment. i know a lot of other folks feel the same way. full house at monsterpalooza today. lot of love for the film. it's a crowd film, a film you wanna see with an audience on friday or sat night for sure... half the fun is sitting with an audience while they get all the references and in-jokes to the past movies. i've listened to the audience twice now, once in Toronto and again in LA: they have a great time. mission accomplished.
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