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  1. we did the reading for it yesterday at the house. the kids write the stories artists paint the pages and then i read 'em outloud. great stuff. great fun. hope they get a bang out of it. T.
  2. these pics are whadda whadda mind trip down te memory sticks. i sain who be dis dude, man. who be dis dude... keep em comin
  3. thanks pal. i guess i do go for stuff that's lost or outdated or forgotten. like the 3D film i just directed. when i was pitching that, people in Hwood were looking at me like i was dizzy.. now 3D is in the Variety every single day. i guess i'm looking for stuff that hasn't been done in a while, or done well - and looking to put a new spin on it, maybe coming up with something fresh in the bargain. Tim and I are cooking up a couple things. i've got a script i'm directing next year called 'The Amateur Kind.' it's a throwback action film, something i imagine LEE MARVIN woulda kicked some ass in. i wanna do a spaghetti western. i wanna work with walter hill. a good drama would be nice. i wanno do an action film where the hero is not good or bad, right or wrong. no back story - he just starts killing and 88 minutes later he's dead. the end.
  4. 'city of light'? lemme do some research (ask the old lady.)
  5. i also am clueless. sorry joe! the mysteries of the female form have still got me. i know what i like! as for how they dress it up, that's voodoo talk. but if it's on film or TV, you can bet that it's tailor made to her figure. which isn't as expensive as you might think..
  6. nope. but i once started a club with an old friend of mine called the 'EXIANS.' we called DC/101 and got on the air, making the local DJ our first honorary member. yeah. thanks for the feedback, everybody. it's good to know that some people appreciate the film. i don't expect everyone to love it - if they did then i know that we really screwed up. i find that the world of intelligent criticism is dying, whether it's film or music or art (literary critique is still holding on by a thread, for obvious reasons) but gone are the days of Pauline Kael and the ilk. not that we look to places like IMDB for that, but as an artist there's precious few places to look for interesting feedback of one's work. a recent article in VARIETY lamented this fact, that most of the nations papers have FIRED their entertainment critics. you'd think this was a good thing, with all the shit we give them. nothing sticks in the mind like a bad review. i can still quote some verbatum from when i was first starting out. but like a lot of things that are a pain in the ass, a good critic can offer you something that every artist - okay, every person - badly needs - constructive, well thought out, dare i say intelligent feedback and we wonder about the state of films these days. the weekly numbers at the box office are the only reliable gage of how the work is received by the GP, and we all know that that number is subject to a hell of a lot more factors than 'artistic merit' (whatever that is) or fine craftmanship. it's a little like acting in a vacuum or a bubble that keeps getting smaller the more work you do. and we wonder why so many artists have one or two good pieces of work and then fall of the beam. the internet's been great, but like the television, i see it adding to the dumbness and the deafness. The attention span starts to crumble. the mind begins to die. and you thought you were here just to kill some time. TJ
  7. hey, I designed that logo! i used actual band-aids to glue two pieces of paper together when i ran out of room. come to think of it, that does make me an amateur. damn, busted again. agreed on the second point. the book is written as an ensemble, which can have mixed results in comics. if i were to write the film, i would use one character as the focal point that we experience the story through, probably the boy Anan. but i'd keep the ensemble going. and although the book doesn't have a single 'guide' - I think that approach works for the epic sci fi story. there's so much story to tell, from not only around the world but across the Universe, a single narrator or lead character would pose a number of challenges, all of which would have kept the damn book from ever getting finished. as you'll see in the last couple issues, lead characters do emerge from the madness. TJ
  8. well i've got the cover here, and it's actually a lot more done than the last time Tim and I saw it. the figure work is 98% complete. there may be a little 'ghosting' by a special artist who has chosen to remain uncredited at this time. but Dave did a fantastic job with it, as usual, and i can't wait for folks to see it in it's full glory, which will be when it hits the stands in June. we MAY do a sneek right here on this thread, before it comes out. but till then, we'll just have to polish our drool cups and wait. looking forward to your thoughts and comments about ish 5 and Dave Kendall's amazing work, right up there with the unbeatable Bradstreet/Daly combo. it was not easy to find a talent that could hold his own with that team, but damn if the Kendall didn't deliver. it's a great issue, and as great as it is, my favorite of the bunch remains ish 6, which Tim is cranking on now. Daly just hits a groove that is so smooth and sweet, it's gonna leave a creamy taste in the mouth for a long time coming. that and the knock out cover by Dave Stevens makes it very special to me. Tim says we might even get a sneek at a couple pages coming up in the next few. bring it on Timmy! TJ
  9. are getting on me about the ending of The Mist on IMDB. i mean, hell. an actor gets used to all kind of comments about his work, his back hair, his lousy fashion sense. Jeez. and forget about it if you're an actress. my wife has the thickest skin of anybody i know (and the softest) i can take it if it's honest, i mean everybody's entitled, right? or if i've done something really stupid, well then it's time to man up and pay the piper. fair 'nuff. but i like this film. i like the chances it takes and i like the uncompromising ending. and yeah, i'm pretty proud of the acting too. i think the director took it all the way. i think that's pretty rare in these half way, are we in a war-not in a war, apathetic, i'd rather be playing Grand Theft Auto, i wanna-hear the record-but i'm-not gonna buy it-world. good or bad, we took a stand. if anybody wants to chime in here in defense of the film, check it out: http://imdb.com/name/nm0005048/board/nest/101947979 you might have to log in to post comments there. don't let idiocy rule the day. TJ
  10. i hover around and check things out from time to time. just never have much time to hunker down and answer some questions! i'll try to get to a few more over the next few days. thanks for being a member of the Raw fold. T.
  11. thanks! i felt that Franks ending was perfect for the film, where Steve King's end was great for the book. I know Frank wanted to throw an extra punch to the film that would put a button on the end, not leave it open ended like the book, which probably would not have been as satisfying. all in all, i'm very proud of the movie. i think people will be discovering it for a long time.
  12. 1. I read, possibly on IMDB.com, that you are part Irish, Italian, and German, so I was wondering why you got married in a kilt? actually I'm part Irish and Scottish, a little German Jew on my mothers side and some Blackfoot Indian on my fathers. turns out P has some Scottish in her as well, so that's why we all wore kilts at the wedding! 2. Are you going to do other genres of films besides the horror genre? i sure hope so! i know it seems like that's all i've done lately, but KILLSHOT is a thriller based on the Elmore Leonard book and Mutant Chronicles is Sci Fi adventure. the only thing i don't see myself doing any time soon is a comedy - but ya never know...
  13. in other words, shape it up or you'll be shipped out, folks. we wanna hear what you've gotta say, as long as you know how to do it with civility. TJ
  14. dude. you wanna pay me to go to the gym 4 days a week? go for it. i worked my ass off for MUTANT CHRONICLES (2008) and i also worked pretty good for THE MIST comes out Thanksgiving. so AFTER you see those flicks, then you can skuawk at me about hitting the gym. until then, pal. i'm drinking beer. my down time is MINE. and i like BEER. Guinness beer. don't forget it. -TJ
  15. Hell yeah!! This is by far the most proud I've been of an issue. Being a 'novice' comic writer, I really had a ball writing this issue. I called up Ray Zone -- literally a childhood hero -- and asked him what it would take to make a hella good 3D book. He gave me tips that would FILL a cookie jar, and then some. So Niles and I wrote the book with 3D sections in mind - and wrote the HAELL out of the 3D pages. We learned from Ray that filling the page with too much info was a bad idea - we knocked that off immediatly. We fashioned the pages to feel like part of the action, without going crazy and figuring out how to put naked chicks in there! We designed the pages around RAY ZONE's work, and that was the end of it. We really hope you enjoy the results. Were you wearing a mumu around that time? Don't be afraid to come clean with us here. Thomas Jane
  16. that i would start a Topic about myself. not a real internet guy, but i AM a real fan of this site! and not JUST (but mostly) because it was designed by my sister. thanks sis! this here Forum is for all the Jane fans that had a place to go at thomasjane.com and then that went bust because we got 'spammed' whatever the hell that means. so we hadda shut that sucker down and now that RAW has its own site, it seemed only natural to start up a little conversation of my own. feel free to start new topics and discuss stuff within these walls. me, i am mostly going to stay right here. so if you got a question or want to let me know something, here's probably the best place to do it. i will be checking in on the other topics though, throughout the board; i'm incredibly passionate about our books and what's in store for fans over the next 6 months! we'll be talking about it all and talking deep into the night (as you can see, Street and me are night owls.) so feel free to throw some questions my way and i'll be posting some answers as well as first look pictures and shit like that. oh, yeah - i do think you can say things like shit here. i'd veer away from totally depraved language, keep some modicum of decorum and you'll be fine. like the Groucho Club in London, it's hard to get kicked out, but it's definately possible! check back with you soon, mate. welcome. TJ
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