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  1. this happens a lot - and that goes both ways i once had the chance to meet Clint turned it down didn't want to risk it years later we did meet at an Oscar thing he had just won and he was terrific my illusions were preserved
  2. mistakes are what gives the scene life so yes absolutley
  3. yes i have read book 5 not long ago to prepare for directing the Expanse, which i've just completed it was a fantastic experience
  4. i'm hanging at my new house with the fam. not going anywhere! LA is great cause the place just empties out this time of year ghost town
  5. i was a fairly reckless driver as a misspent youth love driving, pretty good at it i do some but the insurance won't let us do stunt driving which is prob for the best
  6. thanks and welcome! it came out in theaters here in the US - UK you can catch it on VOD Geoff might know which platform
  7. i would check out the Stephen King 1922 on Netflix Crown Vic just came out old school check out my baseball flick 61* and of course The Punisher if you like that kinda thing!
  8. thanks! Lycan is in the works with Aftershock Comics prep is determined by how much time i have before the start date. i take as much as i can get. sometimes that's not a lot!
  9. thanks Gail - nice to be here!
  10. happy holidays people! ive got lots going on but i'm happy to be able to take an hour or so for our last Q&A of the year thanks Geoff for setting it up and getting my ass to a computer this year was great for me and i hope next year will be even better for everyone so whats up folks?
  11. yes i did. the expanse producers and the costume dept gave me that hat on my last day. got it around here somewhere....
  12. love Buk. also check out John Fante. Miller of course.
  13. have a blast! where's the party? i'll tell ya right now tho, i spend so much time away that i don't like to travel unless it's for love or money. much rather be at home with my favorite things... wish him a great time from me.
  14. are you kidding that would be amazing! all right people, i better hit the road! this was super cool. thanks for all the questions! we'll have some more info coming in next month. looks like i'm going to Kentucky to do a film about the end of the world - on a houseboat. more later! xxx
  15. when we put Lycan out, i should go do a signing at a cool swedish comic shop!
  16. lol. it's always 5 o'clock somewhere!
  17. big thanks to Geoff for helping me with that stuff and big thanks to the folks who contacted me to let me know. we're still getting 'verified' or something like that. turns out there are a few people out there that like to impersonate me. one day i'll tell you about the time the FBI came to my door and asked me to prove that i was me.
  18. no but dying to. i've got a couple books on Giger, love that guy
  19. send a message from the Raw website and I will get it.
  20. that would be cool. we'll all have canes and walkers and shit
  21. i've only got a few more mins here folks, i've got a friend with a birthday coming up and i've got to get to a special store before they close! but if i get any more good questions i will check them out later and answer them! this has been super fun. Geoff: let's set up another one in a couple months!
  22. yes i have. interesting stuff.
  23. hiya! thanks for stoppin by
  24. can't wait to check em out!
  25. thanks! that was improvised on the day as i remember it. we hade little green sawhorses to sit on. julie was pretty uncomfortable. good kisser tho
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