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  1. Miike tends to go for more the mind fuck actually. Or just nuts, like the Dead or Alive films (not the shitty video game movie, just to be clear).
  2. It's a Takashi Miike movie, so it's gonna divide people. Miike can shoot the fuck out of a movie, it's just a lot of his films tend to be a tab obtuse, if that's the right erm to use.
  3. You couldn't find the Pusher trilogy? Cause I'll say it, just blind buy that motherfucker.
  4. I figured this was appropriate to post in here. It looks like Romero's new zombie movie is a bit of a western, all be it a modern western. It's kind of surprising and not at the same time all of his ...of the Dead movies have been different in tone and look. Night was more of a straight up horror movie, Dawn was as George puts it "a comic book romp", Day was claustrophobic and visceral, Land that was Romero doing action. I haven't seen Diary of the Dead and really have no intention to, so I can't comment on that one.
  5. Now this is a western I wanna check out. It's a short film and the first puppet zombie western. It Came from the West
  6. I'm wondering if anyone on here has seen Dead Man's Bounty or as it's known elsewhere Summer Love? It's suppose to be Poland's first western film, and it's also known as the movie that Val Kilmer plays a dead body.
  7. Well it is a Miike movie, I was pretty much expecting to see it on DVD.
  8. The weird thing about that is the fact that Miike has everyone speaking English (well broken English). He should have just had it dubbed, that would make it a bit more authentic, like how Nero was dubbed in Django.
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