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  1. Well, you know I think I'm done at this forum for the time being. It has nothing to do with anyone's gun rights/beliefs or anything because I respect that, I honestly do. It's more that the people I've come to like and respect over the years are buying into this Kristallnacht-esque conspiracy bullshit, and it's frankly making me sick to my stomach. So, in the words of the late, great Douglas Adams; so long, and thanks for all the fish.
  2. Shane Carruth has knew sci-fi movie coming out called .
  3. You know why no one gives a shit about current gun laws? Watch this. And the "it won't do anything" argument is such shit, by that standard why should there be any stricter laws regarding pedophiles? I mean kids are always going to be abducted and raped, so why even bother with anything? No it doesn't, I see people getting mics and cameras shoved in their faces, which would make anyone feel nervous, especially on top of everything else.
  4. They aren't talking about taking away anyone's handguns or rifles or shotguns, they are talking about AR-15s, a weapon you can attach a fucking grenade launcher to. Nobody needs a gun like that unless they plan on killing a shit load of people, so yeah bring back the assault weapons ban, close the gun show loop holes, let the ATF enforce fucking gun laws. Because this shit is getting ridiculous.
  5. Well, you know people deal with grief in different ways, when my grandfather died, I alternated between crying and laughing - one minute I was fine and the next I was bawling my eyes out. That the people in the video don't subscribe some perceived standard of how you are supposed to deal with loss is utter BULLSHIT.
  6. Again this conspiracy stuff is bullshit, it's not another fucking Kristallnacht. A kid with mental issues got a hold of a gun, and killed a bunch of kids, that's it. Also, Obama was born in Hawaii and 9/11 was committed by a bunch of pissed off Muslims.
  7. That's all a bunch of bullshit, especially that Facebook picture. And Alex Jones is a CUNT.
  8. I read it first as an insult, like some kid on set pissed him off, and so Bale called him a "cancer patient."
  9. Well, it's Tom Cruise. Plus his production company bought the movie rights.
  10. The Punisher, and really comic book characters in general have more leeway, because of the various artist interpretations. Some people draw Castle as a tank of a man, and some draw him more leaner. As for Craig, he's actually a lot closer to how Bond was described in the books, minus the blonde hair.
  11. To be fair if you're talking fidelity to the source, he would have been wrong too. I mean the character is over 6 feet tall, 250lbs, and blonde.
  12. He'll sound grim and serious. If the next movie is going to be a spin-off of this, then it's d\safe to assume they'll probably stick with Reedus.
  13. The answer to your questions is shoddy screenwriting.
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