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  1. SPIDEY 3 sucked so bad. i always hated tobey maguire anyway. he's such a pussy. peter parker isn't a pussy. sam lost it with 3 so he deserves to lose the franchise. needs to get back to basics...one bad guy, less bitchy girlfriend (kirsten is a bitch in the films) and more legitimate tension. the first one is still the best of the three imho but it's suffered in comparison to nolan's DARK KNIGHT and favreau's IRON MAN.
  2. the *only* good thing about any of the RE films was the scene in the first movie where, if you pause the dvd just right, you can see milla's bush.
  3. although my allegiance will always remain with Maiden as metal's greatest act, i dig a lot of Priest's work, esp. PAINKILLER. *GREAT* f**king album!
  4. KILLSHOT was a really pleasant surprise. had no idea TJ was in it before i rented. really good cast and definitely worth a view.
  5. hey, thanks a bunch tim. i should say that i really dug tom's AND your work on BAD PLANET. steve niles is of course a bad ass. really fun read and looking forward to volume two. pass along your em addy and ill send script. my manager's contact info is on the title page. i think this script could also be re-written for the comics medium and make for a killer GN as well. cheer and thanks again :-) patrick
  6. hey all, just discovered this site after reading BAD PLANET, which was great fun. i'm wondering how i can go about having my agent send a script to mr. jane -- anyone know if mr. jane accepts scripts via agents or directly? thanks a bunch... father doom
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