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  1. Just one of my peripheral projects...
  2. Hehehe. If you need help coming up with a name for it...
  3. That's a really stand-up thing you did, there by stepping up and taking responsibility , Tim. *claps in admiration* While I'm always reticent to nag or harass creative professionals (especially ones as kind and deferential as yourself)... I hope you haven't forgotten about my art. cheers tony
  4. This page utterly rocks. I'm hoping that this is for a live project, it'd be a shame if this material doesn't see print... I know you're probably sick of people asking this question, but how long does this take you to do?
  5. wow. Nice stuff Lucio, I especially like the black and white art. Is this all traditional airbrush work?
  6. I really like your technique, the rock to roll piece especially, your linework is really clean...
  7. kewl interview. I couldn't check out your website, though. I think that all the bandwidth is used up due to excessive traffic or something... But I dig what you're doing on Bad Planet. The myspace page? Uughh... I don't know what the appeal of that place is but it's crazy :-) Anytime I clicked on art it took me to something that wasn't art. (?) Have you ever considered deviantart?
  8. Something I've been working on since I got my Wacom...
  9. Additionally, when Ridley Scott envisioned the world of Blade Runner he entertained the idea that the crew of the Nostromo (from Alien) would traffic the environments scene on the world of 2019 (which we now know would have to be closer to 2219 if we are to carefully consider the pace of technological development). I thought that was a pretty cool aside... Another point mentioned in the film commentary (as well as the source material: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep), was that this is a post-nuclear world in which global corporations incentivise departure from earth due to the inevita
  10. Thanks!! Thanks!! Thanks!! This is truly the happiest incident of the year for me, hands down. Beaten, and wallowing in miserable self-pity- I can look upon this gracious gesture as a symbol of hope. I can meet the world with renewed vitality and resolve. tony
  11. I had to buy this book because the cover art was incredibly cinematic (although the logo is a bit amateurish, sorry). Conceptually, I feel the material is a refreshing change from the majority of what's out there... it seems that it's either superheroes or zombies/vampires. I think the one element that needs clarification is the reader identification component. I don't have any individual to guide me through this world. I am left to appreciate the story as pure spectacle rather than an engaged participant.
  12. Picked up the Final Cut of the film and, it's alright. One of my biggest issues with the film (the original) is when Zora is crashing through the glass, it was obviously a stunt double in a bad wig. They've digitized the original Zora's face and cleaned that up. There are a few additional tweaks here and there... The best part was the "Behind-the-Scenes" material on the 2nd DVD which told the history and hurdles involved in getting the movie to completion. One thing about the "Behind-the-Scenes" DVD is that they show you a lot of how they did some of the incredibly satisfying visuals
  13. The C.R.A.F.T. The Comics, Recording, Art and Film Talkshow. with Tim Bradstreet and Tom Racine
  14. Motion Pictures: The Craft of Film and Comics with Tim Bradstreet and Tom Racine. Depth of Field: Film and Comics Chat with Tim Bradstreet and Tom Racine. The Fourth Wall: Reel Comics: FilmStrip: Comix and Flix:
  15. Here's a digital render I did over another artists pencils... http://gunplanet.deviantart.com
  16. Hi, my name is tony. I'm just a slob that loves Bradstreets energy (and his work).
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