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  1. Ah, you're too kind, K. May I suggest renting it for $1 at the redbox. I will say that some of the visuals are pretty cool and look good in the cinema presentation, but that's about it...
  2. Saw this flick last Saturday, enjoyed it quite a bit.
  3. Yeah. You make some good points kwiat_skye, but I didn't see any manifestation of unconditional love, in the case of the kid- I just saw self-pity and dripping "activator"*. Though, mostly, I saw human folly... particularly with Bates' role: she had this speech about what happens when more and less advanced societies come into contact and then used that as a justification to "go nuclear" on the aliens- but if they are more advanced, then clearly our technology wouldn't have more than a marginal effect? The only real option would be to reason with them (as was proved out). The milita
  4. If I recall correctly, from the interviews on the Directors Cut (or the Final Cut) neither Ridley nor Harrison were all too enthusiastic about the voice-over, but it was taken out of their hands (or outside the bounds of their control by the producers). It was also the producers who insisted on the contrived happy ending (or clearly positive ending) of driving off into the sunset. Harrison was particularly annoyed by the whole process and felt that his role was merely to give the sets "scale". I think that Harrison's lack of "enthusiasm" grounded the picture in a good way.
  5. Yeah. I felt the same way. I loved the basic premise, but when I saw the film "devolve" into a Horror/slasher type chase film I lost completely lost interest. I would've hope for something much more transcendent and intellectually stimulating... more Kubrick less Friday the 13th.
  6. Great little interview (I'm dying to see that rejected Starlord art). Somewhere, I remember you mentioning that you didn't like the way you looked on camera: I saw the YouTube clip and for the life of me I can't see what the issue is... you're pretty photogenic as far as artists go (much more handsome than your avatar here would lead one to believe). Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing the book out (it'd be kewl if you had some copies available for sale on the convention circuit).
  7. I think, I'm blushing. It'll be good to see you folks again...
  8. I should be able to come through... sounds like good fun.
  9. Just saw the trailer in front of The Day the Earth Stood Still, looked interesting. Does anyone know why they didn't use the Sabretooth from the X-Flicks? Just curious... As far as my impressions from the trailer (skewed though they may be), I was kinda anticipating a more "Clockwork Orange" type intrigue surrounding Wolverine's origin. In the comics, Logan has always worn this tragedy on his sleeve, suggesting that he were somehow victimized by the powers-that-be to become this depraved indestructible killer. In the trailer, it seems to suggest Logan plays a more willful role in th
  10. Ah, the inevitable first contact misfire/ premature fire... Yeah! You just knew someone was going to do that and I find that incredibly cliché. But honestly, Close Encounters of the Third Kind is really the benchmark for me as far as alien encounter films and this one can't hold a candle to that (imo). The James Hong character really frustrated me too; his role was so marginal, it could have been cut from the final film altogether. Apparently the strategic conceit is that the whole alien destruction of the earth hinges upon a meeting at McDonalds between these two heralds of alien wisdom
  11. Just some pleasant reaffirmation to see great works continue to be recognized after multiple decades. In my opinion, Watchmen is the benchmark for excellence in graphic fiction and continues to be amongst (if not the most) financially rewarding property for those involved. CBR has Watchmen selling 46k+ for November 2008. Watchmen: One Million Copies in 2008 "As we reported earlier this week in our discussion with DC President Paul Levitz, the Watchmen trailer has had a significant effect on sales of the trade collection of the late ‘80s comic series by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Pr
  12. That is impressive. I suspected it would do well on its opening weekend. The imagery is so seductive in the trailers and "end of the world" types scenarios generally tend to do well. I don't want to totally denigrate the film- there were some nice moments, too. The visuals were pretty polished (except for one scene near the end where we see ships in the water and it looked totally fake! It was just a photo of a harbor with a digital water effect wrap!). I really enjoyed Jennifer Connelly's acting, I've always been a big fan and she seems to ground the movie a bit, which helps. Also, I kno
  13. scene from one of my comics projects...
  14. Ahh, I can't remember... it was some dumb military-contrivance in order to stay consistent with the original. Whatever it was, they were stupid for messing with that thing. Watching those soldiers fool with it was like watching a monkey hit a warhead with a hammer. lol
  15. I have to admit I was really let down by this movie. Like Joe said, the first half hour seemed really promising but there was no real payoff. I'm so sick of humanity "pulling it out" in the end. Seemed to me that our arguments for why we ought to be given a second chance were pretty thin, too. Will Smiths son was a friggin' irritating self-absorbed brat and there were too many logical holes in the flick... the aliens wouldn't need to take samples of all the life on Earth if all the intend to do is neutralize humanity—just off us and leave the rest be. Also, you would think that if they ma
  16. Well, you may have noticed that Deckard dreams of unicorns (we see a sequence with a white unicorn running through a forest), it is generally understood that androids/replicants dream of unicorns*. The Unicorn origami scene was voiced-over by Edward James Olmos who says,"It's too bad she won't live—but then, who does?" which is generally taken to mean that he was there and could have killed Rachel but decided to simply let Deckard live out his little fairy-tale life with her for it's limited duration. I do not mean to suggest that your interpretation is incorrect, just presenting a different
  17. I must have read this 15 times over... verges on Hai Ku. Anyway, I really hope the final printed product is immaculate and does the work justice (in both instances). There was a Bolland book mentioned. Is the one being referred to the over-sized black and white collection of Dredd strips that came out a few years ago or is there another one?
  18. wow. Jen I have to admit it's very refreshing to see a woman broach such a thoughtful and analytical assessment of one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time (imo). I realize that sounds rather sexist , but I'll take my lumps... I won't revisit your questions, as Noeland seemed to address many of them. I will say that although there are explanations to these things, I find that what I thought the answer was is just as intriguing as Scott's explanations. That's one of the great things about the film, it's that it allows you to read your own interpretations into things, which can be equ
  19. One of my "Ubermensch" characters...
  20. That does sound cool, Jim. Kinda reminds me of the classic Heavy Metal approach (when it was good). I don't know if you're familiar with Phillipe Druillet, but the Convict always puts me in mind of Druillets work—especially "Vuzz". Not so much stylistically inasmuch as over all tone... The one thing that stood out to me is that those soldiers underestimated how formidable the convict was. Maybe it was explained somewhere and I need to revisit the earlier issues or something...
  21. Great to have you aboard, see you in Dallas!
  22. wow. I don't want to come off like an alcoholic, but all this talk of good tequila is getting me stoked. Both the Patron and the Don Julio leave me feeling "lovely" and without any nausea hang-over symptoms. My only problem is that I think I'm wearing a red "S" cape after a few rounds, which has led to missing teeth, misappropriated pool cues and bar furniture about my cranium. lol Okay, back on topic: Joe's black and white art/light washes stuff. HO-LEE- SHIT. That Leia slave girl pic is jaw-dropping. I-I never knew you "brought the pain" like that, Mr. J! *choke* To be c
  23. First landed in Erie in '87, been in and out of the tri-state area til about 2000. I miss the change off seasons—but not scraping snow off my windshield at 6:00am. lol Anyway, didn't know Docksiders was still around... was always more of a Plymouth guy, myself or that Irish pub across from the museum... drank many a quarter-draft in there... But to get back on topic, Joe has been going great guns on his deviantart page. Looking at all those classic Conan covers and the newly discovered work just has me beside myself with grief! The man has forgotten about more great art that he did
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