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  1. Wow. that cover art looksreally nice!
  2. Thanks for the kind words No "Country for Old Men" eland!
  3. Thanks! I typically ink traditionally, particularly when it comes to comic stuff (just can't let that go). But I do digital stuff often enough. I may scan in a pencil sketch then take it into Illustrator-- especially if I'm doing something "commercial" where I know there'll be arbitrary last minute changes...
  4. Did this a few months back... still high from seeing my art in the collection. Thanks again, Tim!
  5. Cool pics, guys! The Con didn't seem as big as I'd anticipated, I suspect that's due to coming on the heels of San Diego...? Anyway, cool stuff. Very Cool.
  6. Any noteworthy status updates on the upcoming BAD PLANET II?
  7. Anyone who has photos, post them please? I'd have loved to have gone-- but I didn't anticipate tickets selling out so soon... I'm planning on going to the one in Longbeach, though.
  8. Just picked up my copy today and the quality is... amazing; the book is just beautiful. The first surprise was the size (8.5x11 inches and deserving every last on of 'em). The quality of the paper is second to none; the ink saturation is perfect and the colour really pops without being garish or "resting" on top of the paper stock. I would have loved to have seen the art bled or the book cut narrower-- but I understand that it would mean extensive retouching on certain pages or the added cost of the additional cut etc., so I'll get over it. :-) Considering that the book is only $19.95 and all the extra goodies you get (scripts, promo art, sketch gallery, pinups, 3-D glasses etc.), I fully expect this book to sell briskly. I would consider it a solid value at $25.95 or $29.95. This is really the best presentation for this type of story, where you have the whole work (or first volume) collected in this manner... the material is very accessible. My hats of to Grant Goleash as well, Grant's work really establishes a mood that (I think) embodies the tone of the concept perfectly. An artist in his own right; it's an honor to have him. Dave Kendall's work look REALLY good, the increased size does him justice. Okay, I'm done!
  9. Picked up the latest copy of Previews and saw the pic of the Raw Studios founding fathers, so I had to pick it up. It's good to see the collection together and on its way, I think that the story, presented in this manner, is the best way to showcase this type of work. From what I've seen: I love the design of the book, Tim. Although I have to admit. I would have LOVED to see the front and back cover art inverted. As much as I like Gogos art, your portrayal of the protagonist is just...beyond epic; that art should be a poster. Last point, at $19.95 the product is an incredible value (especially considering you and Tom have opted to include the 3-D component). Cheers!!!
  10. The remodeled Snakeyes does indeed look interesting. However, I think that had they gone the "costume" route, it would probably require that Jackman and the other actors also dress up... Unless, Deadpool would function as some sort of protagonist in the film.
  11. The first shot in the series looks like the Civil War... Baby Storm looks cute, but I'm kinda concerned that they're trying to do too much; adding too many characters. In my opinion, Wolverine is such a rich character at the core, I'm reticent to say that I would even want to see any other mutants in the flick if it's done correctly... just seems to dilute the relevance of it...(imo). In that group shot, Jackman looks incredible. I think he embodies Wolverine in that shot, the face, the physique is totally ripped. I can forgive him for being a foot taller than the canucklehead. Also, didn't Rob Liefeld create Deadpool? or Greg Capullo? Just curious... About the title: X-Men Origins: Wolverine The structure suggest there will be other flicks... I'm wondering what other X-Man character can carry a film? Professor X? Scott and Jean? yaawwnnn....
  12. Who's seen the new "motion poster" for this film? Great way to promote a project. ...and Tim, don't tell me you can't see Bad Planet in this.
  13. One of the first serious art books I ever bought was Three Generations of Wyeth back in '88. Drove my car off the road in '93/'94 looking for Chads Ford PA. Very admirable career, the mans spirit lives on.
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