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  1. Been a while since anything was mentioned here seeing as how the progress on the Deadpool film has been slow. HOWEVER..... talk has been going around the VFX pro Tim Miller is now attached to direct the Deadpool film. Miller has worked on X-Men and X2 for FX among other well known films. Also, a rumored title for the film has been revealed.... ready for thissss????? X-Men Origins: Deadpool Go figure.... that's okay though, just film the fucking movie already Ryan! -Raf
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    Atta boy Mikey.... I wish I wanted to finish up with school myself. I'm 23, should technically ALREADY have my bachelors degree but I don't even have nearly enough credits for an associates degree. I changed my major 4 times and after being a bouncer for so long and working alongside cops and digging cop roles in movies and tv, I decided that my last and most recent major ought to be law enforcement. But that doesn't mean shit because I haven't done anything with it. I'm one credit shy of being able to work in the department of corrections but I just wanna make money, save up, and keep up wit
  3. I think you do actually get the hang of it brother. It's a lot simpler than we all think. Post a "tweet" and those who follow you can see what you're talkin about and you can view what those that you follow are talkin about. That's it I think? Quick and simple. Unless I'm missin somethin? Fuckin A -Raf
  4. I personally thing GL will somewhat bomb or not perform as well as anticipated which will allow Reynolds to focus more on Deadpool But yeah, also extremely excited for CAP!
  5. Happy Birthday Mikey!!! Enjoy your day
  6. Thats fucking sweeeeet. But does that mean you guys may not attend the Motor City Comic Con, also in May? -Raf
  7. Thank you all for the sweet and warming birthday wishes, I had a great time! Kdedu - No baklava or konafa for me today although I do have some at home! Sometimes, it's too sweet for me to be in the mood for! lol Noeland - Next time you take a drive up here, lets hit the shooting range so you can show my ass how to place some rounds properly! J - Thank you my friend! Everyone - Thanks again! It's been a good bday for me! -Raffi
  8. Why thank you dearest Aly! I appreciate it -Raffi
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    Fuckin sucks that you are no longer filming HUNG here in Detroit. I hate my governor and I wanna slap the shit out of him for what he's doing to myself and fellow actors and filmmakers here in Michigan.
  10. I decided to follow you on it. I created one like a year ago and did nothing with it because like yourself, I don't really know how to use the fuckin thing! I guess you just do status updates and that's it? At least that's what it looks like? -Raffi
  11. NICEEEEEE. Kristyn is the bomb! And I'm not just saying bomb cuz I'm an arab, I'm saying bomb because she's AWESOME! I dig the skulls! -Raf
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    I JUST...

    Take it easy and get well!
  13. This makes more sense to me... -Raf
  14. I think it's feasible to do it on HBO with Jane because HBO is already familiar with Jane himself. Not to mention, HUNG only does 10 episodes a season... it doesn't keep him busy all year around. I'd also like to see him in a movie as well but I think with all the characters and great stories in the comics (namely the Ennis stories), you can do great with a show. Either way, check this out guys: A little poll goin on online. http://comicbookmovie.com/fansites/joshw24/news/?a=31636 Looks like our man Jane is more popular amongst the two.
  15. I still think an HBO series with Jane in the role would be best. Am I against seeing Ray come back as Castle? No. I think that War Zone was most true to the comic book tone and story aside from a couple of parts and I think it was a fun action flick. Either way, it'd just be nice to know they can make another Castle flick. -Raf
  16. It's a special day for one of our admins: John Weber. Happy birthday J! -Raf
  17. Yep! 40 million for the few scenes they will shoot. I'm happy for you Mikey but saddened that I won't have the chance to audition. -Raffi
  18. I agree with Mikey. For some reason, the Iron Siege cover is one of my favorite covers I've seen you do. It's awesome and it speaks volumes
  19. Be that as it may be, I hope it's not something that's just like Bane by character name and nothing else you know? -Raf
  20. There already is one going around.... It's be great if you guys can sign it. I'd appreciate that! http://www.rickswrong.com/Ricks_Wrong!...N_MICHIGAN.html -Raf
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