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  1. If the Punisher movie was made in '74 when he made his first appearance, I bet they woulda kept his uniform the same with the black spandex and huge white skull. Take a look at Adam West's Batman for example.
  2. i love a little girl-girl. i get to see this shit all the time when im working security in the club. IT NEVER GETS OLD!!!
  3. Yeah I didn't understand that either. I actually thought it was rather decent of him to mention Tim and Dean no matter which order it came in The more I think of it, it seems like the whole fuckin movie..... was all inspired by Street. I don't think anyone can deny it. The lighting (more or less), Ray's look, the buildings (like on Tim's covers).... just the overall tone. All you Tim!!!!! -Raffi
  4. Billy Vera and the Beaters - At This Moment
  5. Hate to shoot you down Fred but Seth Rogen is helming that role. You probably already know this though.
  6. Tradition is a wonderful thing though. I agree with you Arsh on how some of those old action films weren't that great but the thing was the action and fights kicked soo much ass. Not many people want to get emotionally involved in an action film. They save that for the times the dramas come on you know what I mean? You watch the trailer for Predator and you fuckin see Arnold, Weathers, Duke, and Landham shooting their guns like crazy all at the same time and shit explodes and you say "that's fuckin badass!". At least that's what I say and think. That's what put me in my seat. Give me a simple
  7. Yeah not long ago I posted the trailer for JCVD. I actually found myself wanting to see it. Thing about Clooney and Pitt are that they aren't really action stars. Pitt is definitely more of an action star than Clooney but this isn't saying much. They're more the drama, comedy type of guys these days. Like TL said, Jackman is the only hope. Statham is working his way up but I don't think he's gonna go as far as Jackman. Jackman is a REAL actor as well. He's got an Oscar coming to him soon. Not to take away from Statham but I already noticed that he's getting repetitive. He's the fucki
  8. He still acts. He also directs his movies these days too. They all go right to the dvd racks however. He's still making good money for these films too is the cool part. -Raffi
  9. Also on the Russian note: it was revealed if anyone can remember that the Russian's real name is Ivan Dragovsky. Funny coincidence haa? I don't think THAT many people know that the Russian was modeled after Dolph. Funny thing I remember talkin to me elder brother about was casting the Russian in a Punisher film. I was like what if Dolph did it? He's a big fucker. He don't gotta be 500 pounds of muscle. I think it woulda been cool if that woulda happened. I don't think Dolph woulda done it though. I love Lundgren. He's a real bad ass on and off the screen. Not to mention the guy is a fuckin gen
  10. I'm proud of you two guys man! Anybody else here a Green Hornet fan? Street? Jane?
  11. I alwaysss crack up when I hear this song. I love it.... Alphaville - Forever Young http://youtube.com/watch?v=n7CuJ8cR9sg
  12. I shouldn't say I don't like all rap. The only rap I'll ever listen to is old school rap like NWA and Geto Boys. I love movie scores more than anything.... Also: Classical Swing Jazz Jazz 80's 70's 60's 90's 50's 40's 30's Motown Ambient/New Age Classic Rock Metal
  13. Dude 80's is the fuckin best man. I was born in '88 and I grew up hearing this from my cousin who was raised in the 80's so this music does it for me. I don't like any new music or any rap music. I'm all about the oldies. Anything before my time works for me.
  14. Yeah it's kinda funny cause he did Full Metal Jacket before Adventures in Babysitting so he dropped a lotttt of weight for that.
  15. Haha you got the fuckin Green Hornet theme going through my head now buddy. Can't wait for the next film to come out. Let's see how Seth Rogen does. I think he'll pull it off. Also, if Stephen Chow plays Kato, I'm down with that too.
  16. That's my ringback tone on my fone dude!!! You got some good taste in music buddy.
  17. I happen to love Dolph Lundgren's Punisher film. You guys can bite my head off for that but as a child, it was the second movie I ever remember watching. I had no idea that the Punisher was a comic character at the time. I saw Dolph, thought he was a big guy, saw lots of action, lots of killing..... I enjoyed it. As a child it's not hard to be amused by a movie so this film will always have a place in my heart. Same goes for Jane's Punisher. There are things I would change about the first 2 Punisher films and I'm pretty sure there are things I would want to change about War Zone. What can I do
  18. I'm glad you recognize Bruce Lee as Kato Fred. Mad props for that buddy. -Raffi
  19. Fred - Vincent D'onafrio is the gentlemen who played Thor in Adventures of Babysitting. He's now Detective Robert Goren on Law and Order: Criminal Intent. He's gained a few pounds and aged a bit since his "Thor" days. Then..... And Now..... I don't think he would work anymore
  20. It was a GRRRRRRRREAAAAT fuckin game! I was so incredibly pleased with it when it was released. I love the blood. I love the tone. I love the story. The score by Sonic Fuel was fantastic too. I wish they woulda put the score in a Punisher movie. It suits the character so well. AMAZING game. I want a sequel. -Raffi
  21. You know till this fuckin day I haven't seen Hellboy yet? Is this a bad thing? As I've mentioned before, I'm a Marvel guy. I listed Keaton, Nicholson, and Reeve as some favorite characters even though they belong to DC. Thing is, I watched those movies before I knew they belonged to a comic book and it stuck with me. I enjoyed them as a child and I enjoy them now. I haven't seen the new Superman and I would have never seen Batman Begins if it wasn't DARK. As I get older, I'm giving these movies more chances though. I'll be sure to see the Dark Knight. -Raffi
  22. Legacy - Good choice for a topic. Howcome nobody ever thought of this? 1. Hugh Jackman - Wolverine 2. Tom Jane - The Punisher 3. Robert Downey Jr. - Iron Man 4. Ian McKellan - Magneto 5. Michael Keaton - Batman 6. Jack Nicholson - The Joker 7. Kelsey Grammer - Beast 8. Christopher Reeve - Superman 9. Wesley Snipes - Blade 10. Mickey Rourke - Marv
  23. Looks like Thor to me!
  24. Just watched it..... well done Fred. Always playin a good character in law enforcement! -Raff
  25. Whatt!!!??? What happened? This one was wayyyyy unexpected. This really i a fucked up year for the greats.
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