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  1. Actor Cliff Robertson has passed away. He died of natural causes. He has most recently been known as Uncle Ben in the 3 Spider-Man films. He has won an Oscar for his role in the film Charly, based on the novel Flowers for Algernon He was a great actor. I remember back in middle school in my English class we were reading Flowers for Algernon and we ended up watching the film Charly. It was a good film from what I remember. I'm sure this man will be widely missed. -Raf
  2. Happy Belated Sunshine. Hope it was a good one -Raffi
  3. Through watching his interviews and seeing pictures of him, he never struck me as a hot headed man with an ego. I'll definitely take your word for it Tim. You surround yourself with good people and you're one of the best so I don't see your buddies being dicks. The film industry and especially story telling article writers can really try and fuck filmmakers, actors, etc. over or give them a bad name. This writer seems to be one of them. We need some more Mark Walters-like article writers and reviewers out there I tell ya. -Raf
  4. FUCK YES! Tim and Tom in Detroittt. Dinner on me of course
  5. Starring Tom Jane and Raffi Elias right? I WANT INNNN! Sounds like a lovely action horror mix. Get HILL! and get Raf! -Raffi
  6. Not this one.... In Morning Glory, as chick flicked as that movie was, Harrison was the only good thing about the film. He was supposed to be a grumpy ass character and he did it very well in that film. As for Indy 4.... it still felt like an Indiana Jones film and anything shitty about the film had nothing to do with him (IMHO) ...but also anyone who knows me knows that Harrison Ford is the reason why I became an actor. -Raf
  7. Saw it last night. Was an awesome film in my opinion. Very fun with great, old fashioned stunts and action sequence mixed in with the action of today. Daniel Craig did a great job in the role. Definitely played a badass. And Harrison.... well he's Harrison Fucking Ford playing a cowboy/badass, need I say more? This is a definite recommendation. -Raf
  8. Sounds very promising and exciting Timmy! We missed you sweetums
  9. NOELAND MY BOY! Happy birthday
  10. Good film. Enjoyed it a lot. Would see it again!
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    Gotta breathe every now and again....nothing wrong with that -Raf
  12. I was just gonna say that we should get rid of this fuckin thread. I'm fairly certain that no body on this board is interested in seeing this film after it has been comfirmed that our guy is not longer attached to this project -Raf
  13. That's what makes a man a man: Being a man for others. He doesn't have to do that type of shit but he does. Not only that, he's veryyyyy environmentally involved as well. Again, things he doesn't have to do but he goes above and beyond and does it....a man for others.
  14. Awesome interview. Ford is the specific reason why I became an actor. He's my idol and he's simply put, the fucking man!
  15. Still a crock man. This woulda been a dream for all fans of action films.... Punisher and Rambo in a film is the bottom line. It'll sell tickets and dvd's and put a smile on everyone's face. They can't fuckin see that? God damn morons
  16. Peter Falk, best known for portraying Columbo has passed away. Though his cause of death has not been determined, he was suffering from Alzheimers disease. He was 83. I personally digged him as the grandfather in The Princess Bride. -Raf
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    You ought to take him if they make it to your side of the grid
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    Returned to my brother's apartment in Seattle a few hours ago after attending the concert "PLAY! A Videogame Symphony". I'm in town visiting my brother as he has just graduated as a Doctor in Acupuncture and Oriental medicine. I'm heading back to Detroit tomorrow but while we were here, we noticed that this orchestra would be having a concert today and tomorrow at the same hall that my brothers graduation took place. He and I have been gamers for a long time but aside from that, we have always been fascinated by the music in games. With that being said, PLAY! is an orchestra that scores themes
  19. I also was more or less, in the same boat....I knew I would eventually see it, but if I didn't catch it in theaters, I wouldn't have been upset. With all that being said, my girlfriend and I saw it and in my opinion, it was one of the better Marvel films and also probably one of the best X-Men films....X2 is my favorite comic film of all time and I think that First Class is pretty much the second best film in the franchise. Great character development, great acting lead by Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy and I felt like Kevin Bacon was a great villain. There are some parts of the sto
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