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About Me

I'm an actor who also works as a stunt coordinator and fight choreographer.


I'm an avid comic collector of Punisher comics. I also collect Deadpool among others.


I'm a film buft. Harrison Ford is the primary reason why I became an actor. I won't settle for anything else in life.


I love Tim Bradstreet and greatly appreciate what he has done for the comic book and film industry.


Tom Jane is one of my favorite actors and I look up to him as an actor and a genius behind the camera and I respect and appreciate everything he has done in the movie and television industry. I hope to work with him some time. That would be a dream come true.


I like to eat A LOTTTT. I also like to work out and study martial arts when I can.


I've been a RAW member since November of 2007. I plan on staying a RAW member until the end of time.


Thank you RAW staff!



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