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  1. Rosella, Looks like you had a blast! Can't wait to see the pics! Motor City Comic Con is this month and I'll be seeing Tim and crew there. Will post pics then as well! Been a while and I hope all RAW members are doing fucking fantastic! -Raffi
  2. Noeland! I'm alive and well my friend! Mike - Unfortunately if this opportunity comes to life, I won't be around until March!
  3. Mike, Thanks brother, we shall see what comes of it all! When is the Long Beach show? If I am in town, and you, Tim and crew are a part of this, then you better believe my ass will be there! -Raf
  4. It has been a minute my Raw brothers and sisters! I hope you're all doing well. For me, my 2016 is about relocating from Detroit to California. It's looking like it may happen sooner than later actually (within a couple of months, finally!). Lucky for me, my work in property management is something I can take with me anywhere and I have been foruntate enough to come accross companies interest in me in the L.A. area. The idea here is to settle down somewhere, work my day job, work out rigorously, and take acting classes with reputable coaches/teachers in L.A. after work. Hopefully I can get
  5. Not interested in Tom Hardy playing Frank....after watching Daredevil on Netflix - and I'm certain most people who have would agree with me - it is very clear that the best way to bring Frank back is on a Netflix series. I don't think Tom Hardy would commit to the character like our man Jane has....in Hardy's interview expressing his interest in playing the character, he didn't even know Punisher's actual name and had to be reminded....couple strikes right there. We need Tom Jane to come back and bring his gritty Dirty Laundry character into Netflix.
  6. Happy Bday Tom! I will be smoking a good cigar for you brother! Enjoy your day -Raf
  7. Happy belated Tim!! Hope you had a great one my friend. -Raf
  8. Thank you all for the bday wishes! Yes, 25 going on 55...I take a look at the typical 25 year old today, but certainly don't act or feel the way most gentleman my age do. That good or bad? I dunno. Either way, thank you all, I had a great bday! -Raf
  9. J - Have a great bday brother. Cheers! -Raffi
  10. Happy Bday Tom. Enjoy your day and night and all that comes with it! -Raf
  11. Tim my boy, Have a great and happy birthday! -Raf
  12. If not, Tim needs to do the poster. He has drawn Star Wars art many times and it's beautiful. I've told Tim this on more than one Drew Struzan occasion going back to 2007 when Indy 4 was in pre-production.
  13. Lemmie tell you ladies and gents something about gun control...something a lot of people with an open mind already know: Take away firearms, and it won't make a god damn difference and here's why.... ...Like people buying drugs illegally from the wrong people, the same will go for guns. If a man or woman has it in them to want to kill a person, they'll find a way to get a gun. It doesn't have to be purchased by retail. There's a lottttttttt of bad people out there selling guns under the table and don't ask questions to their clients. It's as simple as that. These dipshit politi
  14. Movie magic is key.... bigger budgets can allow you to get away with anything. I remember 3 years ago I was working as an extra on Red Dawn and I went up to Chris Hemsworth and asked if he was ready to play Thor, he was excited to talk with me about it.... he's already 6'3 but he wasn't built like a tank yet. He said he was only about 210. Now think about this, 6'3 and 210 is the build of an NFL wide receiver. He then said he was going to put on an additional 5-10 pounds and that they will "condense" him on screen, making him look bigger. You take a look at Thor and you'd think he was 240-
  15. You know I used to be on facebook often (primarily for networking purposes in film), but it's just a crock to me now...it's been a crock for a long while, probably since the beginning. Anyway Tom, I'm no political guy myself, but I do like to sniff out the bullshit every now and again and I'm big on conspiracies and things of that nature. If you have a half hour to yourself, watch this fucking video if you haven't already. It's a bit more detailed than the video you posted, but its along the same lines. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d516tIViRLI&bpctr=1359573804 I also enco
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