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  1. Rosella, Looks like you had a blast! Can't wait to see the pics! Motor City Comic Con is this month and I'll be seeing Tim and crew there. Will post pics then as well! Been a while and I hope all RAW members are doing fucking fantastic! -Raffi
  2. Lemmie tell you ladies and gents something about gun control...something a lot of people with an open mind already know: Take away firearms, and it won't make a god damn difference and here's why.... ...Like people buying drugs illegally from the wrong people, the same will go for guns. If a man or woman has it in them to want to kill a person, they'll find a way to get a gun. It doesn't have to be purchased by retail. There's a lottttttttt of bad people out there selling guns under the table and don't ask questions to their clients. It's as simple as that. These dipshit politi
  3. You know I used to be on facebook often (primarily for networking purposes in film), but it's just a crock to me now...it's been a crock for a long while, probably since the beginning. Anyway Tom, I'm no political guy myself, but I do like to sniff out the bullshit every now and again and I'm big on conspiracies and things of that nature. If you have a half hour to yourself, watch this fucking video if you haven't already. It's a bit more detailed than the video you posted, but its along the same lines. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d516tIViRLI&bpctr=1359573804 I also enco
  4. It'll likely be just a small role in the feature....I wonder how he's gonna end up sounding? Also, there's a rumor floating around that Jeph Loeb stated that there is a Marvel anime in the works with Punisher and Blackwidow headlining it. Maybe Tom can jump on board for that.
  5. Tom - Avi Arad is going to be producing a Metal Gear Solid film based on the superbadass videogame... I've always thought you'd be perfect to play the lead in that. You should look into that. The game series has been around since 1987 from Nintendo to Playstation -Raf
  6. I'm falling behind on catching up with Frank these days. I gotta get the ball rolling and hit up my comic stores.
  7. Which is why I think TJ would be a fine candidate to play Snake if there were to be a Metal Gear film. They would probably be looking for someone in their 20s to early 30s to play Snake now if that were ever to happen...start from the beginning.
  8. What happens next is Marvel Studios opens up their fackin eyes and brings your ideas to life again with you in the center of it all. Nuff said
  9. Loving the reviews guys. Glad to hear that everyone has enjoyed this film so far. Let's look at the numbers here: 207.4 million dollars opening weekend, shattering Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows Part 2's record of 169 million giving it the record for the highest opening weekend of all time... I knew this was gonna happen actually. 103.4 million dollars for its second weekend, shattering Avatar's record of 75.6 million giving it the record for the highest second weekend of all time... another thing that I knew was going to happen. It also reached over 1 billion dollars worl
  10. Aright folks, Let's hear the feedback for the Avengers. I will just say that this was worth the wait to me and I absolutely, positively loved every moment of this film. I thought everyone was spot on in their roles. I thought the film length (2 hours, 20 mins) was perfect for this ensemble cast. I thought the effects and story were on top of its game. This isn't the type of film I expect to win Oscars and screenwriting awards. It's the film that I expected to love for being what it is: An AVENGERS film. Who the fuck woulda thought 10-15 years ago that an Avengers film was possib
  11. Noeland my boy! I been good. Busy as helllllll but good. How's everything with you? How's your back? Yeah the way it plays in my head is the Castle will wake up and pick up where he left off. His conscience will probably tell him he's got work to do. So umm, lets bring back Ennis and Tim and have a little fun shall we?
  12. FUCK. I'm an idiot. I come on this thread at the last minute and then this is what I see. God dammit. Why did I have to be so curious? Well, I still gotta read it.... ...and we all know that Frank may be dead, but he aint really dead. Btw, Whats goin on guys! Been a minute. Hope everyone is jolly as fuck and living the good life. -Raffi
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