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  1. I'd heard of Wordplay before. Thanks... I love Rossio's work.
  2. A few nice idea. I have a few scripts that I am shopping around and would be curious to get a little feedback on . In this case, I am posting links to sample scenes from two concepts. Scarlet Seas - Combines the elements of the Classic Vampire story with the Swashbuckler films of the 40's. Cementville - A dark comedy about the behind-the-scenes chaos during a pro wrestling show. This script actually has an attachment, in the form of Dan Madigan - a former WWE writer and See No Evil scriptwriter who is looking to direct. He's been great support in keeping the story honest to its wrestling roots while not being overly critical of the business. I think both would make great graphic novels and nothing says either couldn't be developed into continuing stories either. JC Young
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