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  1. Perhaps sill relevant to the thread" http://www.salon.com/2013/01/18/your_comprehensive_answer_to_every_sandy_hook_conspiracy_theory/
  2. Looks gorgeous. Looking forward to getting it in my hands. ~R
  3. He does the Punisher one more time here: http://www.filmschoolrejects.com/features/watch-tom-jane-returns-as-the-punisher-in-dirty-laundry.php
  4. Thought I should add that the 3D glasses I bought through eBay have made rereading book better. Not to slag the pair in the book, but I got me a pretty big head! Tim, you still coming to Toronto this weekend?
  5. Was going to mention that he announced this a few years back, then saw the first post was from a few years back. I think every fan of film posters tried their hand at his style at some point. I hope his retirement is going as well if not better than he hoped. ~Richard
  6. I think all the 3D comics Eclipse published used the same template (there was a Miracleman one, too -- and I recall getting one or two others, possibly Mr. Monster) -- which was the manufacturer's template. ~R
  7. Just spotted this thread -- Looking for someone to do Gianni/Wrightson's Frankenstein-style comics art is a tall order and one that would likely burn the artist out if they tried to meet any reasonable deadline. Might be better to snag someone working in the Creepy/EC horror style who used Duo-Shade board (I think some places still sell it -- I'm certain Tim knows what I'm talking about) or applies the Photoshop variation of it would certainly make a similar visual statement. Other than that, I think a few guys over at ComicTwart might be worth more than a look. Looking forward
  8. Thanks for the kind comments, guys - if it were for print I'd fix all the off model and badly drawn bits! indieflick chick -- I did a quick scan through the archived Diamond Previews order forms and could only track down the Bad Planet B&W Hardcover order number (JUN10 1095), but Ctrl-f didn't turn up any Raw Studios or Bad Planet entries in previous or subsequent order forms. If anyone has a copy of the Previews catalog with the solicitation for the collection should be able to provide an order number (I already recycled mine). Otherwise Raw Studios' Diamond contact should be a
  9. Was working away and found a drawing I did while on pain killers over the weekend. Forgot about it until it fell out of the work I tried to do while doped-up. Obviously inspired by having my hands on the trade collection. Hope you don't mind my sharing it here. ~R
  10. Got my copy the other week -- deadline's been crazy on drawing my current comics assignments, so I didn't get to even look at it until this past weekend while flattened by what may be a pending root canal and the attendant pain meds. A few dozen pages in I started to wonder if I was hallucinating or if the printing was out of register in some strange way. Tried reading a bit more, then decided I'd check with my retailer for a better copy after I recovered a bit. As I put the book aside the 3-D glasses card fell out. . . . Yeah. . . . So I assembled the glasses and enjoyed away. I
  11. I'd follow that thread. Looking forward to seeing more. ~R
  12. Thanks -- happy to be here! Huh. . . The descriptions in Diamond list Bad Planet and APF as full colour trade paperbacks shipping this July. Did they list them wrong? Or are you teasing of even better editions later? ~R
  13. Just saw the solicits on page 334 of the Diamond catalogue. Made me happy enough to make my first post here. ~Richard
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