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  1. Campaign ends tonight at midnight (EST). I'm really happy it is successfully funded, but also happy the stress and times demands of the campaign are almost behind me. Did this to commemorate the day and the end of the campaign:
  2. Kickstarter has been running a week - -here are a few of the pieces for the book coloured: And some recent life drawing:
  3. So, I spent the month of October drawing 31 of these scary and sexy drawings you can see here. Now I'm launching a Kickstarter to publish a full colour book of the work here.
  4. I think Tim and Thomas are pretty familiar with Cal McDonald. . . .
  5. At last, work I can share. ~R
  6. Looks good. That's a lovely bit of teamwork on that piece, too. ~R
  7. I was pretty devastated -- not a reaction I usually have over celebrity deaths. I ended up doing a portrait to work through that. I was really looking forward to his new HBO series too. Like so many said; gone too soon. ~R
  8. Thanks so much sunshine and CinPin! Will share more as time and NDAs allow. ~R
  9. Line art for a company play mat:
  10. Got carried away with a warm-up. ~R
  11. Quick sketch for this month's Robot challenge over at The Outland Collective. *** Thanks sunshine! ~R
  12. My amazing artist pal Max Douglas/Salgood Sam and his writer Mark Sable have a Kickstarter under way for their historical horror series, Dracula, Son of the Dragon here http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/78669939/dracula-son-of-the-dragon When I saw it I immediately volunteered to do a piece for their post cards rewards. As I'm putting this up there are just 66 hours left and it's very close to hitting it's goal. I really recommend checking it out! ~R
  13. Thanks, Noeland! Love to see your guess, Paola! ~R
  14. Life drawing from last week:
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