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Philippe Adamov

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I first saw Adamov's work in issues of Heavy Metal Magazine in the 90's. I remember waiting forever for the last couple installments of "Les eaux de Mortelune" or "The Waters of Deadmoon". This was a story Adamov illustrated that was republished in Heavy Metal from collected works in France. This also was during the time where it seemed like publishing really amazing art by European comic illustrators, was a big focus for the magazine.


I have a large run of Heavy Metal from the 70's and 80's which are chock full of Euro-comics, the likes of Richard Corben, Jeff Jones, Milo Manara, Moebius....tons more, and all just incredible artists. Most of those I had to go buy back issues of, since I didn't really start collecting comics until 1990. Those older issues are just gold, and the mag stayed pretty amazing up through the 90's....now, well it's more about the nudity than the great art in my opinion.


Phillippe Adamov is an amazing storyteller, and the texture, design, and color of his work are some of my biggest inspirations, and he is one of my biggest influences. "The Waters of Deadmoon" is the story that really made me want to draw comics and illustrate for a living. The setting, the designs...just so different than anything else I saw in America at that time. I still have those issues of Heavy Metal, 4 of them, that published that story. It's like treasure to me.


I honestly wish the new Heavy Metal was publishing interesting art from the Europeans again. Oh well, I will have to start ordering more books from France!


Here's some of Adamov's work. Hope you enjoy.













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Alright...well I can't say 2 of the earlest artist that influenced me have anywhere near as much class as the artist posted so far. But to a 9 year old kid in 1965 (yep, do the math, I'm half a century old...damn...) they were just ... GODS!


At the age of 9 my oldest brother handed me an issue of CREEPY #4, I'll always remember it because of the cover. Wolfman, standing on a rock ready to pounce on Dracula, and it was a Frazetta cover...not that I had any clue who the hell he was back then, but it was damn fine to look at and ponder the battle and which monster would win.creepy004.jpg and this post isn't even about him!


It's about John Severin and Wally Wood.


Most people don't even remember these guys, and those who do will remember them as artists in Cracked and MAD magazines, but they both had big impacts on me

severin because of his western and war titles,





not to mention he and his sister Marie did a short lived team up on King Kull back in the day.kull09.jpg

I became a HUGE fan of westerns from following Rawhide Kid and Kid Colt...also War titles and movies because I just had to run down to the drug store and pick up the latest issue of Sgt. Fury and his howling Commandos!


I got into Sci-Fi, fantasy and Horror influenced by Wally Wood

woodcurse1.jpg the curse was probably some of his best work





My older brother was in the Marines and he would let me read the Sally Forth comic that would appear in a military publication.woodsallyforth2.jpg back then this stufF was nearly PORN! I'm not sure, but I think this pic is really from the early 70s so by then it was just SMUT!


As an adult I was able to find and enjoy some of their earlier EC work, which was just incredible man!


And that leads me to my next suggestion to Tim for a book to read, FOUL PLAY, by Grant Geissman, it is the art and the artist of the 1950s E.C. comics...

ok enuff rambling from an old fossil...


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Jesus Palomino Jim!

Think you gave us enough stuff to look at? ;)

Yeah, Adamov's stuff is toot sweet. Big Moebius influence there but don't take that as a complaint.

He definitely has his own chops mixed in, and yes, his story telling is exquisite.

Young artists take note. It's not always about pretty pictures, telling a story is the real key to sequential art.


And thanks Irish, you can post Wally Wood and John Severin work all day and I'll be riveted.

I'd love to see you click up a full edit for that post and copy paste it into a Wally Wood thread and a John Severin thread respectively.

The EC days, the days of Wally Wood, Will Elder, Harvey Kurtzman, Johnny Craig, Al Feldstein, Graham Ingels - Shock And SuspenStories, Weird Fantasy, Weird Science, and Tales From The Crypt -

will never be equaled. An incredible stable of artists, the pop age of Horror and Science Fiction at it's lethal best.

I hate to keep using this phrase . . . But - For the uninitiated, The EC line had a big impact on the film and literary world, directly inspiring such people as Stephen King, John Carpenter, George A. Romero, Joe Dante, and John Landis, to name just a few.


Thank you William Gaines!


- TB

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