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So I buy a bundle of old Deathlok comics INCLUDING Astonishing Tales #25 (sadly with the stamp cut out :)...the collector in me cringes) and was treated to some VERY cool images by Mr. Buckler. The covers took me aback with very Jim Steranko style illustrations...and the Title lettering is just badass.


Another thing that caught me by surprise was the adult level storytelling. This predates The Punisher and is VERY dark with a hero that actually KILLS the folks he's after. Have they done much with Deathlok since the 90s. Great character...as long as you don't cheese him up with a bunch of cranked out cyber villains.


Anyway, I digress. Loved Buckler's work and decided to tack a bit more down for your viewing pleasure.





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I too stumbled on Rich Buckler and Deathlok, only it was way back in '79 ;)

The Astonishing Tales run is fantastic, especially the issues where Klaus Janson inks Buckler.

I just pulled my run of AT out a few months ago and re-read them all.

I have been fixated on Deathlok since that fateful day in 6th grade.


I would love to do a bunch of covers but I'm in love with the retro version. The updated Deathlok books never did a thing for me.

Quesada did a cool cover for an issue 1 a few years back but aside from that . . .


Here is my Deathlok Piece for Marvel Millennial Visions . . . Oh Yeah.




- TB



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