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Looking for artist(s)

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I'm new here. Just thought I'd mention I'm currently looking to commission an artist or artists to do some artwork for a project I'm launching.


I couldn't send email directly to the Raw Ent. email. If you guys read this, I can be contacted at blane@globalemarketplace.com.


I don't have a set budget yet. It will depend on experience and quality but it is fairly low budget for the time being (or until it can generate interest) so I'm mainly looking for someone who does have at least some experience with comic artwork and is flexible with their rates. You must be fairly easy to work with and reliable.


I have an early one-sheet promo poster (done by S. Romano) that would be the basis for the project. It's viewable at www.globalemarketplace.com/oblivionroad. Not totally sure but you guys at Raw Ent. may or may not recognize it.


I'm looking to have a few elaborate pieces done to accompany it (in a more comic style). Most of it would be key scenes/shots from the project and various character shots that I want to make available as I release more and more info about the project throughout the year. Some may need to be full color, others may be b&w. It's mainly promo artwork.


Contact me at my email with rates if interested. If you're not affliated with Raw Ent., please have samples of your artwork available to view.






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