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46 minutes ago, Enaira said:

Don't get me started with Miller. It's how I got hooked up to Tom's work 😉 I read some hundreds of comments on Reddit, Twitter and Insta. Not a single one was negative about his portrayal of Miller and most of them were blown away just like us...

Miller is... epic! I really liked him in the books but Tom really brought him alive, didn't he? I'm not at all surprised that Tom's Miller has garnered such positivity - I can't actually think of anyone else now who would do the character justice. Rather like WC's Amos - he's utterly perfect, right down to that grin!

I think I'd watched almost all of the first series before I realised that Tom also played Frank Castle. Such an epic geek fail on my part! And more recently, watching The Predator, exclaiming a bit too loudly, "OMG, THAT'S MILLER!" 😂

When I found this forum, I didn't actually know it was anything to do with Tom - I came because of Bad Planet, which I discovered on ComiXology after reading The Expanse Origins. So glad I stuck around!



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Oh yes, thanks for the information! 

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