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Need Art for a Film Pitch Package

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Hey all,


This just in, looking for some illustrations I can use in a pitch package to some investors for 6 different titles. Not sure if you guys have the ability to help, but need them by this coming friday.


Here is what I need and can be stuff you guys already have lying around! Let me know if you can help and what you would be interested in:


1.) Need a female Iron Man type anime style suit of armor.

2.) Need some ragtag mercenaries. Think Colonial Marines meet Firefly. Some sort of sci fi western getups.

3.) Need a gun-weilding superhero style character with a black mask , all black gear and a trench coat.

4.) Need some modern day, alien DNA infected supersoldiers. Heightened abilities that turn them into mindless killing machines.

5.) Need some Space Age marines (colonization projects)

6.) Also have some adolescent superhero types I need designed.


Hit me up here or at fredericdoss@gmail.com for details!!!


This would be a huge help!



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