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Tim Bradstreet

Legendary 007 Composer John Barry passes.

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I hate to limit the thread title to 007 but at least it gets people's attention.

In the muck and fallout of the holidays and a brief illness I neglected to get over here and make this post, paying homage to one of Film Music's all-time GREATS.


Academy Award winner John Barry, composer of over 80 film scores including 11 Bond films (beginning with Dr. No in 1962), passed away January 30, 2011 at age 77.


My personal favorite Barry score is for The Ipcress File (1965).

He followed that super-hip secret agent score with a complete 180, the tender and moving score to Born Free which earned Barry his first two Academy Awards - Best Original Score, Best Original Song.

Barry took home the Academy Award for the third time in 1968 for The Lion In Winter - Best Original Score.

Nearly 20 years removed from his 60's successes, Barry once again rose to the cream of the crop. In 1985 he again took home the golden statue for Best Original Score for Out Of Africa and in 1990 he collected a fifth Academy honor for his original score to Dances With Wolves.


The guy took home a lot of metal, but his music for the 11 James Bond films will be what he's most remembered for.

Barry can be described as nothing less than a GIANT in the industry. What a wonderful musical legacy he has left us.


His complete discography is viewable here.




Thanks for the music, John Barry!

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Heard a great interview from 93 with the guy on NPR the other day. What a wit he had. Cracked me up and he seemed to really enjoy every thing he'd done. To say nothing of all the amazing music he provided.

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John Barry is definitely a music legend who will be missed dearly.


It's odd that he died at 77; the #7 was such an important number in his lifetime.





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One unshakeable favorite tune (that I'll be secretly bikini-dancing to all day)


is "Walk Don't Run". My father was a hot-dog surfer born in Santa Cruz, Ca.


We'd test the laws of physics with wooden longboards that were nearly too


heavy to carry and strap them to the surf-mobile. With my feet on the dash,


sand & salt everywhere, the smell of fruity board wax & coconut oil, we'd rev


up the Hemi & go flying through the PCH. (Um, what I meant was, 55 mph ...


10 o'clock / 2 o'clock all the way). All these songs have standout memories.


Talent like this is going to be noticeable missed more than many are aware of.


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