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Thomas to host DIVERSITY AWARDS Tonight!

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that's right - i've been asked to host the Diversity Awards and the car is coming to pick me up in a few. and hot damn, i don't even know what the hell the Diversity awards really are!

I think it's helping kids get grants to learn a specific trade in the Entertainment Industry, or something like that. Anyway I'm being of service -- and it sounds pretty cool, so i said yes to hosting even though i wouldn't cast me as the host of anything, except maybe a large parasite.


maybe someone here can tell us a little bit more about the Diversity Awards? oh and it will be taped like a show but will NOT be on TV. maybe some clips will turn up on youtube or something. i was thinking about streaking during the show, but better minds prevailed. oh well. would have made a good clip. TJ

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Good for you, T! Good luck to ya! Love to see some clips of that fer sure.


Oh, here's the website for it if anyone wants to know what it's about. It's a recognition of diversity and international achievements in entertainment, from what I can gather. According to their website, it's the glitziest thing to hit Bel Air since the invention of sliced bread. : P



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At the site Just Jared Jr., which focuses on actresses, the guy posted about co-host Maiara Walsh, and he has this quote from her about Tom:


"Maiara tweeted, “The Diversity Awards were so much fun last night!! I’ll post some pics when I get them! Thomas Jane went barefoot, he is officially the man!”


Read more: http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2009/11/23/.../#ixzz0Xno3Qgfc




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