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Found 2 results

  1. I’m a die hard fan of Thomas Jane since ‘99. I collected everything about him, magazine clippings through the years, movies and lots of stuff. I was always dreaming to meet him one day, I live in New Jersey since 2017 and before that I was living in Turkey. It was my biggest dream.. Went to NYC before the premiere of “Crown Vic” and waited outside more than 3 hours just to try my chance to see him When he came I hardly try not to cry, he was so nice and humble.. I took a few selfies and he signed 2 magazines and a DVD cover for me, actually I had more stuff but I hesitated to show him, I couldn’t even talk because I was surprised.. Oh my God, he was right in front of me When he saw the TV Guide magazine he just said “Oh buddy this is old” and I melted.. And now I want to share some photos from the unforgettable evening of my life. Thank you Thomas for everything, for caring such a die hard fan with a big heart
  2. Hi, I wanted to share some autographed TJ memorabilia from my personal collection. I bought them from online auctions and comic con sellers. The day I met him he signed 2 magazines and a DVD also. I’m gonna share other stuff and magazine clippings then. Hope you like ‘em.
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