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Found 30 results

  1. Tom and I hit the Adam Carolla Show on Monday - The show is up now -> http://www.adamcarolla.com/thomas-jane-and-david-wild/ Some confusion resulted in me getting aced from appearing on mic with the boys - with the exception of a single sentence from the control room . . . I get it, I'm not celebrity enough. Bummer for me as I'm a HUGE Carolla fan, and I drove up from SD enduring a two hour gridlock and a 4 hour drive! I didn't make that journey to stand in the studio sipping Adam's Diet Coke supply fer chrissakes! However, you are the one's who suffer for having missed the opportunity to hear your's truly rock it podcast-style. I'm not bitter . . . honest . . . Fun show though and honestly, the pilgrimage to Carolla's man-castle was worth any slight frustration. I've been listening to Carolla since the Loveline days (thanks to my pal, Detroit Phillips), so very cool in spite of the snub. Still, I made the show clip! Check it out here > Wanna hear TJ discuss his penchant for pissing in the sink? Click that link up top and enjoy. Thus begins our Comicon PR blitz - Stay tuned for more. - TB PS - Thanks to Adam for signing a few copies of his new book for us - If you're a fan of Adam's, you can get it here > http://www.adamcarolla.com/ntbm/
  2. Here's the link, check it out! http://collider.com/thomas-jane-tim-bradstreet-dark-country-magnificent-death-interview/170167/#more-170167 - TB
  3. The Lycan is a project that we've been working on and off of behind the scenes for about 5 years now. Like any project that takes a while to percolate and boil over into existence there are growing pains that go with the territory. We had a writer friend come on and off the book, we've had 4 different artists sign on only to sign back off, as well as the normal amounts of developmental hiccups that occur along the way. Most recently we pulled British artist Liam Sharp into the fold only to have him drop out on us when he was handed the opportunity of a lifetime with his business partners - to launch their long-developed comics experience Madefire. For the last 7 months Tom and I have been searching for the right artist and trying out potential talent. It all came down to two very talented fellas. The guy that didn't get the gig will still become known around here because we love his stuff. I think we'll see an Alien Worlds story from him in the not too distant future The guy who won-out and took Lycan by the throat is artist SEAN O'CONNOR, who also hails from Great Britain. He's currently working on pages after a lengthy mission to conceptualize key elements of The Lycan. Here's an ad that we're dropping in our about to be released books, Bad Planet Vol.2 part 1, and the Dark Country GN. This features a bit of Sean's work and I'm sure you'll agree that his work is amazing. The Lycan is a 6-issue series written by Eisner Award winner Mike Carey, illustrated by O'Connor, and will be colored by the amazing Grant Goleash. The book is currently (finally) in active production, so look for the first issue to become available late this year. The year is 1807. Six of the greatest hunters in the world are led by the greatest of them all, Absalom Coffin. In a driving squall amidst heavy seas they are forced to seek shelter in the port of a small island off the coast of Scotland. There they discover a kingdom in deadly peril, locked in the grip of a terror that will test the hunter's skills to the utmost, and challenge their sanity to the edge of reason. All fear THE LYCAN - More sneak peeks on the way soon, and stand by for further surprises and announcements! You won't want to miss this one. - TB
  4. Friends and Raw fans: It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Thomas' sister and our beloved friend and webmaster: Heather Elliott. She was a truly beautiful person -both inside and out- who was taken from us before her time. She will never be forgotten, and will live on in the hearts of those she left behind. For those of you who knew Heather and would like to show your support, her family has requested donations in lieu of flowers made in Heather's name to the Forte Animal Rescue of Marina Del Rey (www.farescue.org ) and Planned Parenthood (www.plannedparenthood.org.)
  5. Tom and I are proud to announce the forthcoming Graphic adaptation of Dark Country. We're still working out the exact content beyond the art itself, and the short story by Tab Murphy. And we're still spitballing the exact format of presentation . . . But I can tell you it will be a hardcover book with artwork by the incomparable THOMAS OTT !!! This was a dream come true for our own Tom Jane, as he's a huge fan of Thomas Ott's work. I myself was not aware of Ott's work until Jane turned me on way back when the idea for this GN came into existence. Obviously, I'm also extremely thrilled. Here's an exclusive peek at Ott's art from the book and his famous scratch-board technique Can't wait to show it all off to everyone. We're in production as we speak. The artwork is DONE. I'm busy doing preliminary design models, working on the cover concept, and compiling the extras we'll trim out the book with. Even though you may know the story I guarantee you this trip will be worth the experience. In Tom's own words, this truly IS the director's cut. Ray Zone is even trying to talk us into doing 3D in black and white - What do you think? So, the official breakdown is - Dark Country - The Graphic Novel Hardcover Adaptation and art by Thomas Ott Story by Tab Murphy Produced and directed by Thomas Jane Designed by Tim Bradstreet Production - Marshall Dillon We're talking about releasing it exclusively for a couple weeks as a digital download from Comicsology or something, while we're waiting to get the actual books back from our printer in Korea. The idea there is to get the product out sooner than we could if we waited for the printing, shipping, and distribution. More soon, including some sneak peeks at the art. - TB
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