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  1. Woahhh my thoughts exactly !!!!! . I can’t wait ......
  2. Hahaha Never you are not . You are like the Go to Gal around here . You keep us informed and And clued up as well .Just like Geoff . Not forgetting about the fact that you ask great questions . I’ve seen your questions on the forum Especially the Q and A with TJ.... Brilliant
  3. I am sure you will meet him again . I tried once when he was in South Africa Shooting stander . I was 16 years old . Around 2001/ 2002 . They never let me in the whole road was closed . But I’m definitely sure you will have your chance . You are so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet him . He is truly amazing especially when it comes to choosing his roles and acting them out on a deeper level . I am following you on Instagram . Really great . I see you love Bon Jovi too . Saw them in South Africa as well . Love their music. Have you made the shirt yet ?
  4. Wow : this is amazing and RAWSOME lol . Absolutely cool @inspiredmad
  5. Thanks Geoff. Such a lovely picture. If you have more you can just leave them here .
  6. Great , I can’t wait to see them !!!
  7. I feel the same Even if we get it . He is not going to say.
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