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  1. Happy Birthday to Samantha and Anne. Hope you have a lovely day xx
  2. Oh nice, thanks Geoff, look forward to seeing them.
  3. Hey Gail, things been pretty much at a lull atm. Been playing LOTRO pretty much every day, watching films on Netflix/Amazon been having a bit of a Johnny Depp phase, going through some of his older work and films I'd missed such as The Tourist and The Professor, watching SEAL:Team on Now TV and a couple of action films on Netflix, Extraction with Chris Hemsworth recently. Books - I've started reading Master and Commander, apparently there's 20 books in the series so that's going to be fun, had to go watch Far side of the World which is based on them, just because its an old favourite. Got 2 witcher books on audio to listen to some time. Hope some of that gives you ides and good to hear from you.
  4. Nice one, yeah spotted a few dodgy messages last night, hope it was okay alerting you to them. Ohh nice.. guess I can let people find me
  5. This is going to be some good news yes?
  6. Happy Birthday Geoff :) Thankyou for everything you do and keeping us all up to date on things here.
  7. I'm hoping this get the go ahead for August but wondering if even that will happen now. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
  8. CJ Mitchell

    I JUST...

    Eeeps, that's one of the known symptoms that some have been having Hoping you don't get more than the mild version. Thank you everyone for the kind words xx
  9. CJ Mitchell

    I JUST...

    Just checking in on the RAW family, hoping all of you are okay. My youngest son finally got to go to his Dad's today after two weeks of not being able to see him as his Dad was ill; finally recovered. But sadly this week my pub family lost a local. When I was working behind the bar there a couple of years ago he made me a beautiful birthday present after barely knowing me for a week so I've something to remember him by. They say things don't really hit you till they get you close to home...
  10. Hi Geoff, do you think Thomas or anyone else might be interested in this? https://www.facebook.com/VirtualConOnline/  its being run by a huge Geek FB group, they're donating the small entrance Fee and T-shirt costs to Covid-19 research.  They're looking for guests to do something for it. 

  11. CJ Mitchell

    I JUST...

    Ohh not seen that one. Thankyou, I will look that up. I love traveling animations like that.
  12. CJ Mitchell

    I JUST...

    I like the suggestions too, seen a few of them recently though. Any recommendations for family movies?
  13. CJ Mitchell

    I JUST...

    Things are okay here. I count myself as one of the lucky ones. We're pretty much indoor types anyway, we're able to amuse ourselves. My son still has his job at the moment so all is good there, they've employed different strategies but so far they've not had to close. I've been home-educating my youngest since mid-Feb so we were ahead of the curve of schools needing to close, although I'm sure they'd have tried to keep me making him go because he has a SEND. We've a great local shop run by a lovely couple who look after the older people in our community so we're good for basics. Its times like this you learn how lucky you are, even if you don't have a lot it can still be much more than others.
  14. Just seen the good news, WOOT!!!! Really hope this still goes ahead.
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