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  1. Happy cakeday, Adam - hope you're having a lovely weekend! x
  2. The Goktor


    Story of my life, Ariane!
  3. The Goktor


    Not yet, although I've heard mixed reports. Some people say it's a really good deep-dive into his background and psyche, while others claim it's trite nonsense! I'll probably watch it at some point, probably when it's available on download. So what are your thoughts on it? I really want to see Maleficent 2 and the new Terminator though. Just trying to make time!
  4. Yep, I know that feeling! For me it was Miller and Avasarala - I just took to those characters straight away. Can't imagine why I'm drawn to cynical, sweary characters with little tolerance for most people! The Expanse is very definitely (IMO) the best hard SciFi TV series ever. Prior to its existence, Farscape was my all-time favourite SciFi, and it's still way out in the front for the soft stuff. I love them both for basically the same reason - what makes them so good is the characters and their relationships/interactions/development. You could any of the stories, remove the SciFi element, and they'd still work perfectly. (Much like Winter Soldier - a spy film, which just happened to have a superhero!) Totally get that 'just one more episode' feeling... been there... still going there! Currently like that with Carnival Row (but K can only handle one episode at a time because he's a far more sensitive soul than me!). It seems we are developing something of an obsession with Tom's hair; you hated Miller's hairstyle, I really dislike Mandel's moustache! I love Miller's hair, especially when he finally accepts his Belter heritage, and re-cuts it. I would totally have a Belter haircut if I thought it would suit me. And if I didn't think it might make me look like a Skrillex fan! I soooo agree with you about good villains and bad heroes; one of the best things about The Expanse is that for the most part, everyone is in a grey area. There is no black and white. Even Volovodov, who is basically a 'lawful good' character (D&D reference, if you're wondering), has a bit of a selfish streak. Although, admittedly, the justification for "It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission" is for the good of mankind, and understanding her faith in order be of better service. Everyone else is chaotic good, lawful evil, or chaotic neutral. I put Miller in the latter character class; when you think about it, becoming completely obsessed with a woman half his age, whom he's never met, does err on the side of creepy! Plus, he accepts bribes, double-crosses folk... he's actually not entirely a nice person, really! The protomolecule, however, is true neutral! Well, damn - you just won the Internet, Mike! Nice to meet you, BTW! The audio books are great, aren't they?
  5. The Goktor


    In other news, I can confidently say, with the utmost authority, that watching Call the Midwife just before bed, then falling asleep while listening to an Expanse audiobook, produces some very odd dreams. Fortunately, no babies were born in zero g!
  6. The Goktor


    Being a leader is overestimated at best, truly sucky at worst!
  7. Makes sense; and I expect that even if it does have a cinema release over here, it would be limited.
  8. Oh yes, it's not the enclosed space at all - I have no problem with those... but people. No! Noisy, smelly creatures! I'm almost guaranteed to have smokers sitting near me, and it's thoroughly miserable (I have hyperosmia). Am totally with you re. sofa and snacks! Plus, at home you can pause to go to the loo!
  9. The 'tash is, I suspect, another example of 'looks dubious in static images but is probably fine in reality' (or in this case, on screen)! Still, not the finest look, if I'm honest... but I have a feeling it works well for the character.
  10. So, question.... how did you all come to The Expanse? For me, it was because of Cas (Anvar): I'd chatted with him a couple of times on Twitter, back in 2011, when he voiced Altair (Assassin's Creed Revelations), and then I saw on Twitter that he was going to be in a new sci-fi series. Checked it out, and it sounded really cool. And forgot about it until about six months after it was released! But it meant that I could then just binge the entire first season. And binge I did because I was immediately hooked! Also discovered a descendant of the Punisher, wearing a trilby to keep the rain off his head! Started reading the books when S3 ended, and am now eagerly awaiting the final one.
  11. I love the big-screen experience of first-time watching SFX-heavy films but I don't particularly enjoy being in an enclosed space with so many other people! Currently trying to work out when I'll have time to see Maleficent and Terminator. Keeping my fingers crossed for you Gail, that you get to see CV at the cinema.
  12. I've liked her since I saw her in Six Days, Seven Nights - she was pretty cool! She's always struck me as being her own person, and not one for following the herd - traits I (obviously) applaud. Annnddd, we've had some similar life experiences too, so I kind of find myself in her corner by default! Mostly though, she just seems like a genuinely nice person.
  13. It's so much better than the other one (IMO). I really didn't like that - too 'in your face', and felt rather dated, IYSWIM. Hell of a cheesy strapline, though! Still not convinced I want to see CV - doesn't seem like my kind of thing. But then, I didn't think Hung was going to be, either, and I enjoyed that! That said, I just can't see me rushing to the cinema to see Crown Vic; am more likely to wait to hire it from iTunes or Amazon. (Sorry, Tom!)
  14. I know how happy it makes me when I receive praise from fans of my food blog, and how much I appreciate everyone who's stuck with me over the years, so I completely get why folk such as Tom feel that way too. It's an affirmation that you're doing something right, after all, and not deluding yourself that your work is good! Besides, we're great - he damned well should be appreciative!
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