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  1. Agreed! What shall we say... two weeks for each episode? Or do we think one week would be sufficient? Also, Gail... when did this happen? Congrats on reaching the final stage of your metamorphosis!
  2. I finished S3 for the umpteenth time last night. I am sooooooooooooooo ready! I have booked the day off work, too!
  3. And with good reason, it seems. It's refreshing when someone in the public eye not only seems to be so down to earth but is respected by all they work with too. 'Tis cool. In other news, AP has just released an annotated teaser. Some nice little factoids there!
  4. Me too! It's an excellent poster.
  5. Shush, you... you hussy! Although... if he's any good at hoovering and dusting...
  6. The money tree you mentioned! (What on earth would I do with a clone of a helmet? Or even one of Tom, for that matter!)
  7. That is so lovely of you - thank you! xx Aaah, but do they have anything in them? LOL!
  8. Or just visit a friend who owns both a copy of Malone and a DVD player!
  9. Well, in the spirit of keeping the memory alive, I shall just chip in with a comment lamenting the fact that I still haven't seen it! #firstworldproblems
  10. I have no idea but if you find it, could you please let me know, so that I can take a cutting to grow at home? Heheh! I really enjoyed MC, especially the visuals.
  11. My sister in law has been pestering me for my Chrimbo list, and I've honestly been rooting around in my mind palace, trying to think of something which I'd really like... somethiing I'm unlikely to justify buying for myself. And I've just found it! It looks fab! Sneaky peeks here.
  12. Nicole

    I JUST...

    Are you my mummy? Brilliant pair of eps! Ecclestone was great - 'tis a shame he didn't stick around.
  13. I can't see it being an official one. I totally get that lower budget movies won't always have the bandwidth for the kind of posters that the A-list ones have but this one looks like they got someone from Fiverr! Hey Geoff, y'know if the powers that be need a great designer at a reasonable price, I have someone I could put them in touch with! She is epic!
  14. And yeah, why would a detective be dressed like that? It makes little sense! (Although I admit, I don't picture the kind of noir-esque 'tec you're thinking of, Ariane!)
  15. Because amateurs! I'd actually go so far as to say that the tagline is terrible. Makes my inner copywriter twitch! Ha ha! It really does look like a bad fan-made poster... mayhap it is. No idea. It actually looks as though Tom's head has been Photoshopped onto someone else's body. He looks like one of our airport security police in that poster... which I'm sure is not what CB is about!
  16. She's so badass, she doesn't need blue lights and weapons! Naomi is pretty badass in book 4 and super-badass after that, so unless they've cut her entire book (4) story, and replaced it with something completely different, we should get our ass-kicking belter! Beat me to it, Geoff! Saw it earlier, and thought, "Ooh, I must go and share that", then I got a call to do a website audit, and promptly forgot all about it, so thank you for sharing it here so I could watch it again (and share on my SM)! ( Protomolecule heart!)
  17. Nicole

    I JUST...

    Oh, I agree about not having the love interest! It worked well for Tennant and Piper but it was so disappointing when they did it again with Freema. Just, why?! I loved that with Donna, the point was made right from the start that it wasn't going to happen! If you do watch Smith's series, do bear in mind that his first is largely rubbish. But he is brilliant, and reminds me so much of Patrick Troughton's Doctor. Troughton was my first Doctor... they say you never forget your first! Ha ha! Smith really comes into his own toward the end of his stint. I liked Capaldi's Doctor. A lot. I just really didn't like most of the stories he was given. The Robin Hood one was excruciating! LOL! Flatline was good though. Whittaker's enthusiasm feels to me, too forced, whereas with Tennant, it was completely natural. It feels as though the directors and writers were just trying too hard to recreate that off the wall aspect, and as a result, it seems (to me, anyway) completely fake. But... that could be entirely down to the fact that I've mostly watched her in serious roles! I suspect also, that I feel disappointed because in the past, female characters have largely been done really well (let's just gloss over Christina de Souza!), whereas practically everything about Whittaker's Doctor just seems so weak. But hey, horses for courses - it wouldn't do for us all to have the same taste, would it?! Torchwood is far more adult-themed, and centres around a female cop - Gwen (pretty much an arsehole!) who stumbles across a covert team of alien specialists, led by Capt. Jack Harness (yay!). Burn Gorman (Murtry in Expanse S4) is in it, also playing an arsehole! Some of the stories are a bit naff but on the whole, they are really good. The mini-series, Children of Men, was epic! If you get around to watching it, though, do yourself a favour, and stop after Children of Men. Don't watch Miracle Day (it was on Starz - that should be off-putting enough, ha ha!)... if you do, you may regret it!
  18. Huzzah - you got there in the end!
  19. Ha ha ha! My first thought was that whomever was responsible, they urgently need Photoshop lessons. (Am now desperately hoping it wasn't you, Geoff!)
  20. I have no idea what you mean!
  21. Dude! Missed opportunity to say... "That's a negative" !! Feeling jet-lagged by any chance?
  22. I'm waiting for THE quote....
  23. Nicole

    I JUST...

    Tennant was such a brilliant Doctor, wasn't he? I really didn't think he could be topped... and then Matt Smith happened! It was just a shame that Smith fell victim to Steven Moffat's awful tenure. Tennant had some of the best-ever episodes though; Blink, Girl in the Fireplace, Human Nature/Family of Blood, Midnight. And the best companion - Donna! I really liked Ecclestone too. I wanted to like Capaldi, as he's such a cool guy and fantastic actor, but with the exception of one or two episodes, his run was utterly terrible, IMO. Jodie Whittaker is another fantastic actor but I couldn't even get through her series. It was truly appalling, and I loathe all the self-conscious box-ticking going on. I also really dislike that she has to have an entire team around her. Why? Because she's female, and therefore not capable of sorting shit out by herself? Because she's female, and therefore the showrunners wanted to deflect from her gender because they had made an unpopular decision? Because she's female, and therefore needs to have a 'family'? It would have been far better, IMO, to have made her a sole traveller for her series. And to get some good writers on board. And to stop trying so hard to be so.... kooky. Or maybe I just have to accept that after being a lifelong Whovian, I may have outgrown it! (Although I still hugely enjoy re-watching 9, 10, & 11.) Still love Torchwood - apart from that dreadful American series!
  24. And it will be our pleasure too, new friend! x
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