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  1. Geoff's latest offering in the Real Men thread made me immediately think it should be captioned... which led me to thinking that just for fun, we should have a caption game! So I did a thing... (But we may want to take it into the bar!)
  2. Are you familiar with the British expression about open goals, Ariane? (You know we love you, though, right?!)
  3. Yep... totally serious discussions about a certain person's organs! (It's been awhile since Kenneth put in an appearance! Ha ha!)
  4. Welcome aboard, CJ - you sound like you'll fit right in around here - it's probably fair to say that we all err on the side of geekery here! Would love to hear more about your Cosplay; which characters do you play? And what about MMOs? Tell me more!
  5. Stars are better off with us, pampa.
  6. Nicole

    TJ Q & A

    Right now, even that's a bit of a stretch! Such a strumpet! And yet, here I still am! Muahahahaaaaaa! Pah, if it were a political thing, I'd have no trouble at all... not with having just run my local PPC's digital electoral campaign! Fortunately, I don't do pervy... at least not in public! So here I am... at my drawing board, with a wide open space where braining should be happening.
  7. Nicole

    TJ Q & A

    OMFG!!!!!!!!!! You two have totally made my day!
  8. Nicole

    TJ Q & A

    Thinking up a question to ask, I'm finding, is like thinking up a password. I do words. I do good words. Every. Single. Day. Why the frell do I find it so hard, then, to come up with a decent question that doesn't make me come across as a drooling imbecile? I had a good question... but it's now completely redundant because what it was relating to didn't actually happen in S4. Or rather, now how I imagined it would be realised. Back to the drawing board! Or, I could just sit back, and let everyone else ask away, and enjoy the ride-along! Anyway, thanks Geoff, to you both, for making this happen. What a lovely way to start the Chrimbo hols!
  9. Those stills are fab - thanks so much, G-Man! It's soooo good to see that Belter hair again. I really want to share some screenshots of my favourite Miller moments but, y'know, spoilers. It's just as well I'm tied up with work this week because otherwise, I'd be willing you all to finish watching, so we can talk about it! Ha ha!
  10. I did indeed! Now I'm tempted to buy another cup, and make an updated one!
  11. All done! Is it time for S5 yet? Enjoyed it so much, and the new stuff is excellent.
  12. 5 eps done. Sooooo cool. Had to do two photo shoots today, so will be going back in soon. Off to the in-laws for Chrimbo tomorrow, so this is going to be my last chance until the end of the month, when we're back.
  13. I had planned having today off work too but I got a contract to do a site audit for a biggish website, plus a load of SEO and site management... which has meant my blog has had to take a back seat... which meant that I had to work today. On the plus side, this is what I've been doing! https://www.yumsome.com/the-expanse-recipes-alex-kamals-mariner-valley-lasagna-vegan/ Now I'm going to pour myself a Jaeger & Coke, turn on the TV, and ignore everyone not Expanse-related for the next two days! Happy watching, y'all!
  14. So.... one more sleep!!!!
  15. LOLOL! Does "Here comes the juice" count as a motivational phrase?
  16. Thanks for the heads-up! I have a sneaking suspicion that K may have bought it for me for Chrimbo, thus avoiding any spoilers! Speaking of which, I'm really excited by the fact that S4 includes new, original material that's not in Cibola Burn. I can't wait to watch it!
  17. Interesting piece here, no spoilers within. https://www.cinemablend.com/television/2485843/the-expanse-season-4-cut-cool-creature-amazon-spend-one-jillion-dollars Ya lik pashang! Really hoping his novella is going to be incorporated into this series. From one of the clips, it looks as though Bobbie's may well be included too. Yay!
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