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  1. I like your thinking, Geoff! ETA: 'Tis done
  2. I look forward to the next one.
  3. That was very interesting, thanks for posting it, Enaira. I must admit that reading Tom's account of free-viewing was a bit ouchy... I just couldn't do that without causing myself immense pain! Watching 3D anything at the cinema is instant migraine for me (ditto strobes), so I am very thankful to still have 2D options - I'll leave the 3D to those who can appreciate its coolness!
  4. I wouldn't be so sure about it being cheaper - at least not always! When I worked in videogames, for example, it was always better value to get an actor into the mo-cap studio than it was to build and animate a character from scratch. One of my nephews works in the movie industry (key grip), and has said that while expensive, real explosions (for example) are cheaper than CGI. Although nowhere near as much fun to set up and execute! One of my friends is an animatronics designer for some really big Hollywood properties (e.g. Harry Potter, Star Wars), and he bemoans the fact that despite the huge increase in cost, CGI is generally now preferred to animatronics. I can see why; no matter how great they look in the flesh, as it were (Fawkes in Chamber of Secrets being a really good case in point), on screen, they can look a bit... well, dated. Of course, having never worked BTS in movies, I'm only going on what I've been told - I have no first-hand experience of any of this (other than for games). I watched an interesting documentary a few years ago - the name of which escapes me - about VFX/CGI, and it made me realise just how much is in today's movies without us even realising. One example was the smoke from someone's cigarette, another was some very subtle snow effects. The one I remember the most was the scene in Goblet of Fire when Krum is exercising by the lake... all green screen! I would never have known it! Now of course, I expect that everything is the movie equivalent of Photoshop! Ha ha! I suspect that in such cases as that lake scene though, CGI probably is more cost-effective than having to source locations, clear them, make sure they look exactly right, and get all the actors, crew, support staff, equipment, etc. there. The big problem with CGI, I feel, is that it doesn't tend to age well. Going back to Harry Potter, watch Philosopher's Stone, and see how dated the quidditch match looks. There's a scene with Hedwig flying over the rooftops of Hogwarts that's a bit iffy too. Because tech moves so fast, it's constantly setting new benchmarks, so when we revisit older material, even when it's not that old, we can see that sometimes it looks a bit... well, off. Like Disney pics on an ice cream van! 'Tis a great shame. However, this is something classic cinema will never suffer from! Sure, sometimes the acting may be a little stiff, and the music ear-bleeding (yes, Hammer films, I'm looking at you!) but from a technical standpoint, I don't think they age at all badly. My all-time favourite film, It's A Wonderful Life, for example, will never make me wince at the bad mattes, whereas Star Wars does. I was blown away by its FX when I first saw it back in '77!
  5. Any rules about not resurrecting old threads? If not, I have some great suggestions! However, first I'd just like to say that Romeo Lies Bleeding, The Passion of Darkly Noon, In Bruges, Solaris, Mosquito Coast, Crossroads, Night/Day Watch, Primer, Blind Fury ("Nice doggie!" ha ha), Bubba Hotep, Shallow Grave, Ghost Dog, Headhunters, Enduring Love, and Looper are all such great films! As is Dead Man. Speaking of Depp, I'd also add What's Eating Gilbert Grape (which I still regard as DiCaprio's finest performance) and The Brave. There are a few suggestions I've never heard of, which is cool. You guys have such great taste! Anyhow, this 'ere is my first suggestion... The Happiness of the Katakuris Director: Takashi Miike Writers: Ai Kennedy, Kikumi Yamagishi Starring: Kenji Sawada, Keiko Matsuzaka, Shunji Takeda Brief synopsis: Bonkers musical comedy horror with dance routines, zommers, claymation, sing-a-long... and more. So much more! A bit more in depth: Newly-redundant guy decides to use his severance pay to buy a fixer-upper situated out of town on an old rubbish dump, and turn it into a BnB. When guests eventually begin to arrive, they have a habit of popping their clogs, which leaves the family with a bit of a dilemma. Oh, and there's a volcano too. And a dog - not a yakuza dog. Why I like it: This is one of the films that early on in our relationship was suggested by my beloved, and convinced me that he was a keeper!
  6. I can't believe my cunning plan was so easily busted.
  7. Oh, I very, very much know the difference between the two! I prefer a fedora.
  8. Dayum, aah've bin rumbled! >>Back to the drawing board<<
  9. Yeah, if I ever get time. I tend to do most of my viewing between 5.30-7am (I'm a fowl not an owl!) - even so, I'm not convinced I'll ever get through all the things I'd like to watch. I have a chum in the US who nags me several times a week about watching this film or that film because he's dying to discuss them. It's not like I'm the only film buff he knows!
  10. I come in peace - take me to your leader.
  11. I have nothing to play DVDs on! (Nor BluRays.) I am completely digital! But thank you for looking - much appreciated.
  12. And meanwhile, some of us can't even find one version to watch!
  13. That's what you call dedication to one's art. So OK, here's my list... so far! Bond - definitely Daniel Craig; I really like that in him we got to see proto-Bond, who was essentially a government-sanctioned thug. I've enjoyed his progress. Pierce comes a close second, and was very close to how I remember Bond from the books (which admittedly, I did read in my early teens which was wayyy back in the last century!). Holmes - Jeremy Brett all the way. Love Cumberbatch too but I don't really love the shows. Some are good, most are meh, some are stinkers, IMO! After years of resisting Elementary, I was finally convinced by a guy I was working with on No Escape. I really enjoyed the first couple of series but then I got bored with it. And while I'm at it, while I loved Edward Hardwicke as Watson (David Burke not so much), Martin Freeman is my favourite. Who - Matt Smith. Love Ecclestone, love Tennant, and I loved Baker too but Smith is far and away my favourite. Shame he got so many crap stories though. Hannibal (my favourite cookery show, ha ha!) - Mads Mikkelsen without a doubt. Anthony Hopkins was very good but nowhere near as nuanced as Mads. Not seen the rest of the Hannibal films. Connor - there is only ONE Sarah Connor! I am so pleased that Linda Hamilton is in the latest Terminator film. She totes rocks! Batman - Christian Bale. Although I loved the Dark Knight graphic novels (the other Miller with a trilby!), and really enjoyed the first two films, I loathed The Dark Knight Rises. Joker - 100% Heath Ledger. His portrayal was genius. James Tiberius Kirk - that's a tough one, actually. I loved Shatner in the role (and I've been a fan since the '60s) but Pine is pretty frelling fantastic too. I couldn't possibly choose, TBH. Spock - Leonard Nimoy! I like Quinto well enough but I find there's just something a bit lacking there. Mad Max - I have never seen any of the MM films (because MG has just always put me off, and I've not got around to seeing the latest one); however, Gail, I completely agree with you about Taboo - I thought it was brilliant, and I'm looking forward to S2. Wonka - definitely Gene Wilder. So creepy-ass as to be brilliant! Definitely would not want him as my mentor though... there's quite enough weird shit in my head as it is. Spider-Man - absolutely, indubitably, without a shadow of a doubt... Tom Holland. 'Nuff said. Banner/Hulk - Ruffalo/Ruffalo's CGI. How is this even a question? (Anyone else want to see a remake of Columbo just so Ruffalo could play the titular 'tec?!) Musketeers - I really can't make up my mind between Burke, Cabrera, Charles, and Pasqualino or Irons, Malkovich, Depardieu, and Byrne. That said, when I was a kid, I had a massive crush on D'Artagnan in the Hanna-Barbera cartoon. I'm over that now, though. Dumbledore - Richard Harris, no question. I was really hoping that Jared Harris would play younger Dumbledore in FB2. Obi Wan - there is only one Obi Wan, and he didn't have a stupid little rat tail in his hair. (Thank you folks, I had almost expunged those travesties from my mind.) Dracula - Christopher Lee. I'm an old-school Hammer gal. Also, he was a pretty epic human being in real life. Van Helsing - I have to say Peter Cushing, and not just because he was my pen-friend! James Cole (12 Monkeys) - Aaron Stanford. Jack Ryan - absolutely Harrison Ford. Because Harrison Ford. Rooster Cogburn - duh, The Dude! Lisbeth Salander - both Noomi Rapace and Rooney Mara were brilliant. I couldn't choose. And actually, the US remake of Dragon Tattoo was, surprisingly, as good as the Swedish original. I thought so, anyway. Robin Hood - this guy... Oh, you didn't think I was going to pick Costner, did you? Wash your brain out, people!
  14. It'd be letting the side down if there weren't!
  15. Owl post is so slow these days.
  16. IKR! Their faces said it all really, especially when getting into the kit. And then when they first boarded the Roci, and Dominique turned up... brilliant! Best of all though, was that huge grin on Wes' face. (Sidenote: I can't actually imagine a more perfect Amos!). Cas was great too - he was basically Alex showing them around his home! I wonder how much geeking out ended up on the cutting room floor!
  17. It was the bum-clenching that did it!
  18. Awwww, this must have been so incredibly cool for these folks! https://twitter.com/ExpanseOnPrime/status/1158724402323660800?s=20
  19. I didn't see that... probably because having a majority in agreement with me is very much an anomaly to which my brain is not attuned. Or to put it another way, I clearly looked through the fora with boy eyes. **swiftly exits in search of kindred spirits**
  20. I hope so too... I'm feeling deprived!
  21. I love this idea - let's do it! (BTW Jeremy Brett is my all-time favourite Holmes.) Also, I came here, looking for welcome drinks, and it seems you've all drunk the place dry in my absence. Harrumph!
  22. Yep, 100% fan art, which TBH, I prefer because they've been made with a genuine love for the subject, and the artists get paid per sale. I just looked for a couple that I had bookmarked, and they're no longer there. In fact, after having a good, long search, I discovered that most of the Expanse tees aren't available. I guess they probably have a high turnover of designs, so retire ones which may be not as popular (the very idea of it!) Red Bubble still has a decent selection, as does Cloud City 7 on Amazon. Most are far superior to AP's ones!
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