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  1. Humans are too fucking stupid to listen.
  2. I'll watch the doors. And the corners.
  3. Oh, I'm only projecting my own feelings of not enjoying having my personal space invaded! All that adulation and lurve... just makes me think of this... Lovebomb is a great word though... and entirely applicable!
  4. I might be ever so slightly terrified, were I TJ! Ha ha ha!
  5. I can picture that far too easily!
  6. You totally had me at pirate shanties. Arrrrrrr! I now have Lowlands Away stuck in my head!
  7. Re the sense of humour... I rest my case. I can't claim any credit for that design - I bought the tee shirt from Tee Public (they have lots of Expanse tees, and they are much better than the official Amazon Prime ones, IMO). Ha ha ha, yes, that would be fun, wouldn't it? All turn up to a con wearing Miller on our collective chest!
  8. Hi Gail - lovely to meet you! I must admit that I'd be hard pushed to choose between the books and the TV series; they're both utterly superb. Fortunately, I don't have to. Yay! Thinking about it though, the books do have the edge (for me) because there's so much more content (where the series follow the books, they do so very closely), plus of course, you get all the characters' internal dialogue. Also, Avasarala is so much more sweary in the books... she is 100% my spirit animal! And Shoreh is so perfectly cast! I won't give any spoilers for series four but I will say that I am fervently hoping that ProtoMiller is as brilliant as he is in Cibola Burn. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with book five because it's truly epic!
  9. Nicole

    TJ Q & A

    Because I have a spectacular talent for being late to the party (possibly because I really don't like parties, and will do anything to avoid them), I'm just going to leave this here in case TJ drops by, or in advance of the next Q&A sesh (which, let's be honest, I'll most likely miss too)... T - had you read The Expanse series (so far) before being offered the part of Miller, and if not, have you now? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi Enaira! I've really enjoyed reading some of your posts - I like your sense of humour! Thank you for the lovely welcome Series four should correspond with book four, Cibola Burn - so let's hope Amazon Prime sticks around to make 7, 8, & 9. (They'd be fools not to!) As for The Investigator... much as I'd like to say something, I shan't... because spoilers, sweetie! However, here's a picture of my Miller tee shirt to give you a clue. (Go and read the gorram books, woman!) EDIT: that's soooo blurry! Trust me, it looks better from a distance!
  11. Why, thank you, good sir - my favourite kind of water to jump into! Re. the books; Series four should start at the beginning of book four, Cibola Burn. Series 1 & 2 were mostly book one, with series three playing catch up. If I recall correctly, that is - it's been a while since I read the first couple of books. I really hope the novellas get made into mini-series... maybe even web series. My favourites are The Churn and The Vital Abyss.
  12. I'm about halfway through Babylon's Ashes. Oh, and hello, I'm new here.
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