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    You have? Shiny! I really like some of them - particularly with the hat. For obvious reasons! I wouldn't even know where to begin making a logo for someone else; I did my own for my website but that's as far as my graphics talents go! ETA: Ooh, I just saw yours. Nice! I do have to say I got a bit of 'Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains' with the second one. A multipurpose logo!
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    The solution is clearly to make Westerns set in space. Worked for Gene Roddenberry and Joss Whedon. I love a good Western.
  3. I'm pretty sure I've not seen Manhunter, which is curious, given that Brian Cox is such a brilliant actor, and I am a big fan of the Hannibal TV series. I remember enjoying Silence of the Lambs when it was first released; at some point, I may actually watch all three films, in chronological order. I remember thinking that Anthony Hopkins was rather good in the role but how being used to Mads Mikkelsen, I wonder whether I'd still be impressed. Amateur sounds very familiar. At first I thought that maybe I hadn't seen it but as I was reading the description, and your reasons for liking it, A
  4. Oh, definitely, and imagine how dull life would be if we all had the same taste... although maybe we wouldn't realise it!
  5. So you're big fan, then? Ha ha ha! I really like Fifth Element - don't have a problem with Chris Tucker. I've never seen him in anything else though, so I only know him as Ruby. Yes, he was deeply irritating but wasn't that the point?! And yes, he was completely over the top but given the entire film was so gloriously over the top, I don't see this as problematic. And I say this as someone who really doesn't care for that whole slapstick style of humour. Am totally with you regarding the visuals and design of the film... so fantastic!
  6. Miller is... epic! I really liked him in the books but Tom really brought him alive, didn't he? I'm not at all surprised that Tom's Miller has garnered such positivity - I can't actually think of anyone else now who would do the character justice. Rather like WC's Amos - he's utterly perfect, right down to that grin! I think I'd watched almost all of the first series before I realised that Tom also played Frank Castle. Such an epic geek fail on my part! And more recently, watching The Predator, exclaiming a bit too loudly, "OMG, THAT'S MILLER!" When I found this forum, I didn't actu
  7. I agree (although I've not seen T's entire body of work); I may say, "Oh, I looove that person" when being enthusiastic but what I really mean is I like the work they do! This was borne out a few years back when I was approached to do some PR for an Australian actress (not a very well-known one outside genre). She played a character I was hugely fond of but she turned out to be not a very nice person. I didn't take the job! As a knitter of socks myself, I'm kind of holding out for this scenario! (Yeah, I'm sooo rock 'n' roll!) I'd still have to wait for an Eng-lang digital dow
  8. It could be worse.... your parents could've named you Radbod or Bubo! Hasko actually sounds Slavic to me.
  9. It's really interesting that so many said Rocky. My first reaction was one of "Oh, the boxer" but of course, Rocky is so much more than a film about boxing! I have no idea - audiences want what they want, and movies have to put bums on seats... but do they have a certain amount of social responsibility too? As I said earlier, I'm really looking forward to watching your docu, and gaining some insight. I'll wait for a non-dubbed version though!
  10. One's culture is definitely a contributing factor in shaping our views and assumptions regarding the norm. Also, do males feel under pressure to conform to certain archetypes, as portrayed by movies, in the same way as females (not me!), vis-à-vis magazine images, Instagram posts, etc. etc. And is it more socially acceptable for movies to promote 'real' masculinity than for the way they promote femininity? Hoping that at least some of these questions will be answered by the documentary! I wouldn't go that far - HG comes across as being quite sweet (no disrespect to Tom's boots).
  11. In fairness though, in any scenario or topic, watching TJ is likely to be a better bet than watching HG (unless it's Love Actually, of course)!
  12. I think it sounds like a 19th century world-class conjurer... The Magnolius Hasko!
  13. Anyway, back on topic - this looks like a cool docu, and I'm looking forward to watching it. I think it could be very interesting to hear the points of view from the real men behind the 'real men' we see on screen. Oh, and hai, Hasko - I've enjoyed reading your insights, thank you for sharing with us!
  14. Fortunately, I'm of an age to have never been scarred by boy bands!
  15. It's a curious one, isn't it? I mean we see these men on screen, being all heroic and the like, and are often attracted to those characters (damn you, biological imperative!) but would we really want to be with guys who were like that in real life? No, thank you! A 'real man' (and I have to say that I care for that term as much as I like 'real woman') to me is someone who's comfortable with being gentle and thoughtful, who can hold an intelligent conversation with me, who does his share of the housework, and who treats me as an absolute equal. I don't need him to fight my battles for me,
  16. Have you not seen him in Hellboy and Blade? He's brilliant!
  17. I just checked his IMDB page, and it's not listed. His current project isn't either, so I'll ask him when we next chat. OMFG - someone else who's actually seen that film - yesss! The bit with the cassette tape... Have you seen Black Sheep? It's genius! Unlike Zombeavers, which very much isn't. I'll never get those 77 minutes of my life back. **le sigh**
  18. By 'interview', do you actually mean 'interrogate'? Ha ha! He's really busy filming in Fiji at the moment, and then I guess he'll be going back home to South Africa for a bit to spend time with his family. If I get the chance though, I may well ask him a bit about it. Be cool if he has some pics. He thinks it's really funny that out of all the big budget stuff he's worked on (Star Wars, Star Trek, Mission Impossible, Bourne...), the only film I've ever asked him about is Evil Aliens. I frelling love that film! It was his favourite to work on too.
  19. OMGoodness, I have just realised that my nephew (whom I mentioned earlier) was Key Grip on Mutant Chronicles. How freaky is that? (Sorry, Enaira - not trying to detract from your two excellent posts above, which I shall return to, and properly digest, a bit later. xx)
  20. BBtS was a bit special as I recall... and not necessarily in a good way.
  21. Same for Seven Samurai (1954) ---> Magnificent Seven (1960 - enjoyable, as I recall) ---> Magnificent Seven (2016 - a monstrous load of bollocks). See how I'm not mentioning Battle Beyond the Stars? Oh, wait. ~~~ Apparently, around the time I moved to Thailand, there was a Thai remake of Rashomon, entitled U mong pa meung - have you seen it?
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    My work here is done.
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    I've been making lots of sausages.
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